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Professional Services


Solutions for the Professional Services Industry

Professional Services organizations must meet the ever-changing demands of customers efficiently to sustain healthy margins. Profitability requires that projects be estimated correctly and completed on time.

Resources and budgets left unmanaged can generate extra work for employees, and unmet client expectations can ruin your business. It is a tremendous challenge for Professional Services firms to manage every detail of sometimes complex projects without the right management tools.

With information technology that allows your people to work together, share data and make sensible, informed decisions your Professional Services firm can thrive.

We know the Professional Services Industry

We are a Professional Services organization ourselves, and we understand how to deliver technology to put you in control of complex projects. Western Computer provides a comprehensive project management solution to enable you to master the challenges with tools to keep you resource-efficient and deliver projects on time.

  • 360° Visibility
    Adapt quickly to changing demands
  • Trade Management
    Meet your customer's needs faster
  • State-of-the-Art Shipping
    Gain visibility to remain competitive

Remain competitive with trusted Microsoft technology

Western Computer implements renowned Microsoft Dynamics solutions to deliver the technology that Professional Services firms like you need to stay competitive. The solution’s intuitive decision-making tools enable you to take the right actions to ensure maximum revenue and an excellent customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions are built from the ground floor up focused on allowing you to work the way you want to work…and not simply work the way the system works.  Western Computer’s experts in Professional Services management can fine-tune your system to fit your exact needs.

Experience a comprehensive solution

Western Computer integrates Advanced Job Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to accommodate huge demands when managing projects. Connect sales, purchasing, warehouse management, manufacturing, and service management by making all areas of the business accessible effortlessly.

Visual Job Planner - Tighten schedules, control costs, and increase the accuracy of future estimates. 

Improve resource utilization - Track project status, including expenses and profitability, and monitor all related activities.

Budget-to-Actual-To-Forecasted Comparisons - Make it easier for you to complete projects on time and within budget

Satisfy Complex Invoicing Requirements - Be able to reduce the complexity of variable billing arrangements to improve cash flow.

Make accurate promises to your customers

Western Computer delivers a solution that will allow you to make accurate promises to customers, provide them with reliable information, and respond faster to queries about their project status and delivery. You’ll also have the flexibility to handle exceptions easily, and turn around last-minute requests and changes.

Projects made simple - fully transparent and easy-to-use warehouse management systems

Companies focusing on projects must manage huge demands on their organization and resources. In this complex environment, managing jobs can be a major challenge when data and documents are scattered and isolated instead of stored in a central location.

Advanced Jobs for Microsoft Dynamics “speaks” to financials, sales, purchasing, inventory, warehouse management, manufacturing, and service management so there is no longer a disconnect. Professional services keeps communication and work centralized, everyone and everything remains connected. Warehouse management systems to boots on the ground, everything is prepared and accounted for.

Visual Project Planning controls costs

Intuitive, visual planning capabilities, stringent monitoring of costs and budgets, and easy project progress monitoring will equip project managers to better meet their customers’ needs. With a direct, consolidated view of resources, costs, and project data, the solution readies Professional Services professionals to meet challenging demands without getting bogged down in operational complexities.


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