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Join us in our Oxnard, CA office for a three day Jet Professional Training course. Starting on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018, let Western Computer's experienced NAV/Power BI Developers take you through various areas of Dynamics reporting, detailed below. Each day will include lectures, demonstrations, examples, and exercises to improve your reporting skillset. 

Course - Jet Professional Training Session
When: June 5th - 7th 2018
Where: Western Computer's Headquarters in Oxnard, California

Price: $1,990 per attendee


  • Learn how to turn Report Requests into final reports by using a Report Writing Procedure
  • Understand how to create dynamic reports that range from simple lists to grouped reports with subtotals
  • Master the NL function to retrieve any data from NAV
  • Receive advice on how to create your custom reports
  • Learn about and practice with new Jet features, including the Jet Web portal

Suggested Course Qualifications:

You may want to be comfortable with the below areas in order to get the most out of this Jet Professional training. These concepts will be lightly reviewed at the beginning of the course.

  • Do you know how cell references will update when a formula is copied to other cell locations, and when to use A1 vs. $A$1 vs. $A1 vs. A$1?
  • Database concepts - Do you know what tables, fields, table relations, and primary keys are?
  • NAV usage - Are you comfortable filtering in NAV?
  • Are you aware of the reports to be built after the training is complete?

Jet Professional Course Curriculum - Days One and Two:

Foundational Concepts

  • Excel topics and functions especially useful for Jet Professional, and Excel spreadsheets, that many experienced users do not know
  • Foundational Database Concepts to prepare you to be successful in writing Jet Reports
  • Introduction to Jet Professional commands and in-depth exploration of the Jet Reports Ribbon

Report Writing Procedure 

  • Learn all the steps to masterfully create and design reports in Jet Professional, from the initial request or idea to the finished product

Dynamic Reporting

  • Learn Jet querying functions that can be combined to create a variety of valuable, dynamic reports, including Financial Statements
  • Learn grouping reports
  • Learn how to give your users report options to change the report data on the fly
  • Use the Table Builder to create pivot tables and dashboards
  • Learn how to maximize the benefits of the Jet Web Portal

Jet Professional Course Curriculum - Day Three:

Lab Day - Custom Reports and Advanced Topics

  • Get help in creating your own custom reports 
  • Advanced Topics covered in small groups, depending on trainee requests

About Your Instructors 

Marian Fine, BI/Reporting Specialist - Western Computer

Marian Fine is one of Western Computer's BI/Reporting Specialists and she is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Certified Jet Reports Professional, and a Certified Excel Expert. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Marian greatly enjoys working with people and helping users to understand and benefit from technology. She has filled a variety of expert roles, including Data Analyst, Report Writer, Instructor, Technical Consultant, and Technical Trainer.

Dan Williams, Business Intelligence Consultant - Western Computer

Dan Williams is a valued Business Intelligence Consultant here at Western Computer with over seven years of experience in BI implementations. His responsibilities include design, installation, training, and consulting for both new and existing customers. Dan is also a certified Dynamics NAV developer and a Jet Certified Professional for Jet Enterprise. With his strong math and data analysis skills, Dan has been able to meet dozens of implementation requirements on time and within budget.

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To register or for more information, contact your Customer Account Manager or Tony Castellano, Director of Client Services, by email or phone at (805) 830-8527.

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Hilton Garden Inn
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