ERP solutions for the construction industry

To thrive in the competitive building industry, successful architects, engineers, contractors and builders must meet client commitments by completing the job on-time and on – or below – budget. The right software solution can bring compelling value to your construction business and help you gain valuable visibility into projects.

We’ve Got the Construction Industry Covered

Western Computer can provide a Microsoft Dynamics solution designed for engineering and construction companies with long-term and complex jobs, or tailored specifically for home builders.


Taking on the Construction Industry with ERP Software

ERP software is short for construction Enterprise Resource Planning software, wherein it confluences advanced enterprise technologies with years of construction industry expertise into a single integrated system. This ERP software system is capable of helping your construction business in every aspect of its function, improving all facets of your business’ day-to-day needs.


Why ERP Software for Construction is Beneficial to your Business  

By relying on our ERP Software, there are many ways to not only help your construction business grow, but provide a multitude of other functions that allow it to run smoothly. Eliminate human error, and turn to our ERP Software for an effective and vital organizational tool.


Trusting our ERP Software will strengthen your construction business, and continue to even as it expands. When all involved are working from the same reserve of information, the amount of errors significantly or entirely dwindles away. With all the answers at your fingertips, ERP Software is also state-of-the-art for accounting functionalities, keeping the numbers in check as well as all your construction business needs.    


  • 360° Visibility
    Utilize the right people, equipment and material for each client, job or project
  • Trade Management
    Manage projects more effectively and streamline internal communications
  • State-of-the-Art Shipping
    Meet your on-time, on-budget commitments to keep your customers happy

Stop Synchronizing Disparate Systems

Using a truly integrated solution to manage your construction business provides access to real-time views of client and project data across the enterprise, so everyone is working from the same information. These integrated tools reduce time and errors, as well as helping you optimize your resources.

Improve Accounting Productivity and Accuracy

Benefit from builder-specific accounting functionality such as printing closing reports, tracking vendor insurance and withholding retainage, as well as state-of-the-art accounting software used by over 110,000 companies for an unbeatable solution from Microsoft Dynamics.

Grow Your Reputation for Excellence

In an industry where a large part of your business comes from returning customers and referrals, improving client service should be a key factor in your decision to implement an ERP system. Deliver on your promises, increase business and referrals with a fresh solution to differentiate your company. You are very good at building things, now let Western Computer help build your reputation.

Our Products

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX are quick-to-integrate and easy-to-use ERP Software solutions that were created for real world business. The systems are designed to work in the same way your employees work, assisting them with time management. With the use of this ERP Software, the solution to automating the management of your business is within reach, increasing sales, utilizing collaboration, and ultimately impressing your clients.   ​Learn more about ProjectPro for Dynamics AX

Learn more about BuilderMT for Dynamics NAV