Flexible Bag Manufacturing

Flexible Bags – It’s in the bag

Flexible bags are quickly gaining market share in packaging and advancements in Flexo printing technology is largely responsible for this growth.  Added to this is the convenience and freezer life of polys which gives foods the taste you expect. For the flexible bag manufacturer, that means that they must deal with diverse strata and requirements as they configure, estimate and manufacture.

NavPackaging gives you the tools you need to do just that.

Give a boost to your multiwall bag business

With NavPackaging, flexible bag manufacturers have the tools they need to:

  • Create familiar and quick product configurations with the NavPackaging Spec Wizard
  • Define bags of many styles and printing
  • Create functionality specific to common styles, such as Stand-up Pouch, K-Style, either Gusseted or Flanged and others.
  • Use extensive defaults in the spec and quoting process
  • Configure a unique style library
  • Develop automatic routing and unitizing calculations 

In addition, NavPackaging provides tools needed for manufacturing fulfillment packaging and foam and solid boards:

  • Customize manual production lines and team size for each product
  • Support manufactured components, purchased materials, tooling and customer supplied items
  • Build sets from previously defined sets or sub-sets