Folded Carton Manufacturing

Folding Cartons – A display case in a box

Cartons must be both functional and appealing, as they protect the product and deliver the company’s product messaging while on display. For folding carton manufacturers, this demands precise product configuration, estimating and manufacture.

NavPackaging gives you the tools you need to do just that.

Transform your folding carton business

With NavPackaging, folding carton manufacturers have the tools they need to:

  • Create familiar and quick product configurations with the NavPackaging Spec Wizard
  • Import CAD capability
  • Automatically create or import layouts
  • Support windows, multiple joints and dimensions
  • Develop one-ups, simple nests, combinations, tandems, tandem combinations and drop sheets
  • Maintain re-usable construction

Run your folded carton manufacturing operation with a single solution

Check out our Folding Carton Spec Wizard tutorial and browse the playlist to learn more about NavPackaging's tools for the folding carton industry.