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Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders gives your home building business the tools you need to improve productivity and get accurate and fast business information.

Home building companies have unique operational needs that require specialized software. Our home-builder functionality is specific to the home building industry and was designed by industry professionals.

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A Complete Business Solution to Transform Your Home Building Business

Connect all of your operations with one centralized solution to transform your home building business with modern technology - powerful, integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders software with deep builder management functionality that can improve all aspects of your business.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders, you can:


Integrate operations with full financial accounting
Control Point
Enjoy a single point of control for all processes in real-time
Reduce cost
Reduce costs with automated closing and billing


Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders

  • Avoid duplicate data entry and improve accuracy with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders accounting integrated with BuilderMT WMS job costing and purchasing.
  • State of the art accounting functionality with full-featured payables, receivables, cash and financial accounting used by over 120,000 companies.
  • Benefit from builder-specific accounting functionality such as printing closing reports, tracking vendor insurance and withholding retainage.
  • Tailor and customize Dynamics NAV for Home Builders for your specific homebuilding business or select from a library of applications to extend functionality, such as inventory or service.
  • Dynamics NAV for Home Builders works seamlessly with Microsoft Office productivity products, such as Excel, Word and Microsoft Office SharePoint for sharing of documents.

Business Intelligence and Analytics with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders

  • Three complementary options to view your important information: many industry standard reports, dashboards to display business-critical information at a glance and detailed data analysis to stay ahead of the competition.
  • To gain better insight into opportunities and trouble spots, drill deep into the data with easy-to-use Microsoft productivity tools such as Excel PowerPivot.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders offers very fast data analysis compared to the standard ERP solutions, which allows you to dig deeper in less time.
  • Improved technology with a pre-configured data cube that integrates to multiple sources of data including BuilderMT, Sales Simplicity and Dynamics NAV for Home Builders accounting.
  • Simple out of the box implementation with limited user training required. You can be up and running in one day.

The Power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

When comparing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders to the other leading homebuilder accounting software consider these five points:

Dynamics NAV for Home Builders provides leading homebuilders with powerful software including:

1 - Reporting and Business Intelligence

Dynamics NAV provides Dashboards, as well as Dynamics NAV’s ability to quickly see the timely and accurate information to help manage by exception and aid in improved decision making.

2 - User Experience

The Microsoft Role Tailored user gives each user a home page tailored to the user’s functions and responsibilities within the organization to provide quick access to relevant information and to reduce the learning effort.

3 - Account Functionality

Dynamics NAV is used by over 120,000 companies around the globe. Because of such a large and diverse customer base Microsoft is obligated to deliver a very robust accounting system with functionality not found in some other systems such as FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) reporting requirements.

4 - Technology

Dynamics NAV is built using Microsoft technology tools and databases such as the Microsoft SQL database which is an industry standard and used by many other applications you may already have in your business.

5 - Integration with Microsoft Office Applications

Dynamics NAV takes full advantage of the Microsoft productivity applications found in Microsoft Office, such as Word and Excel. For instance, users can simply hit a button to send information from NAV to Excel and word and upload data directly from a spreadsheet. 


What Can BuilderMT's Workflow Management Suite do for Your Company?

  • Define which plans and options are available by division, community and determine costs, markups, projected and actual gross margin by plan, elevation and option.
  • Estimate the project or accept a buyer contract to generate the “job start process”.
  • Efficiently generate, track and streamline the approval of all purchase orders, change orders, and variance purchase orders and auto create invoices for the accounting payment process.
  • Develop and update project schedules in the  office and in the field via mobile devices, and send project notifications to subs and suppliers automatically via fax, e-mail or the Builder Portal.
  • Monitor all construction costs, analyze profits and variances, and identify models and options needing adjustment through inquiries and reporting.
  • Set and maintain sales model and option pricing and evaluate costs, projections and net margin by plan, elevation, and option.
  • Integrate with Sales to address CRM and Buyer Contracts as well as Integrate with Warranty to address warranty needs.

To learn more about Workflow Management Suite and how it integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders, click here.

Overview of BuilderMT Integration with Dynamics NAV