Packaging Manufacturers: Meet your Customer’s Needs Faster with an Agile Integrated ERP Solution

Companies that produce packaging have very unique manufacturing requirements, but still need the full functionality of a robust ERP solution. That’s why we developed NavPackaging — specifically to meet the ERP needs of corrugated, folding carton and flexible bag manufacturers.

Improve plant operations and standardize business data across your entire organization with the combined power of NavPackaging and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With this easy-to-use packaging management system, you can maximize efficiency for your business, utilizing the best in technology. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV applications designed to meet your packaging needs, save time and money on management tasks. At Western Computer, we provide you with the sources to quickly integrate the software, from elite training and implementations, to upgrades and cloud computing. 


  • 360° Visibility
    Create, estimate and quote new packaging items in seconds
  • Trade Management
    Eliminate costly errors with CAD integration
  • State-of-the-Art Shipping
    Be more responsive and flexible to customer demands

Always know what’s going on with built-in workflow

With everyone using the same system and access to folders, notes, documents and links, everyone in your organization can stay on task. No other packaging manufacturing solution has this functionality built-in, instead relying on 3rd party systems.

Our built-in workflow tool will easily become part of (and improve) your company’s everyday operations, because it’s part of the system everyone uses to do their jobs.

Respond quickly to customer inquiries

At a glance, NavPackaging users know who has a job, what stage of production it is in, and the visibility to anticipate delays.

  • Quickly generate quotes while your customer is "on the phone"
  • Quote new business confidently with precise cost estimating
  • Reduce order errors and returns with more accurate configuration, quoting and manufacturing

Connect your CAD directly to your ERP

Eliminate costly errors with CAD integration. NavPackaging takes detailed packaging design information directly from structural specs along with machine routing, so the data from CAD and ERP are always in sync.

  • A built-in CAD design tool
  • Custom-design a library to make certain that new items conform to company standards
  • The NavPackaging Spec Wizard is able to fully define new products in just a few seconds, and builds the sales and manufacturing documents for you

Accurate job costing for better, more accurate estimates

NavPackaging’s data-driven cost estimating model is fast, accurate and configurable. Enjoy the flexibility of calculating cost-based pricing on a number of variables, or custom pricing based on markup percentages to major cost category group. Have a unique method of pricing?  Let our Formula Wizard design it for you

  • Unlimited cost estimating scenarios
  • Choose from multiple cost estimating drivers, including materials, machine centers, tooling, warehousing, delivery, discounts and more.

Packaging manufacturing fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Analyze vital information about your items with a 360 degree view of elements including, but not limited to, style information, dimensions, board grades, scoring positions, layout definitions, print definition, and cost estimating scenarios.

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