Rental Management

Rental Management

A Powerful Business Solution to Transform Your Rentals Business

Connect all of your operations with one centralized solution to transform your rental business with modern technology – powerful, integrated Microsoft Dynamics software with deep rental management functionality that can manage all aspects of your business.

With Western Computer’s rental management system for Microsoft Dynamics, you can:


  • 360° Visibility
    Integrate operations with full financial accounting
  • Trade Management
    Enjoy a single point of control for all processes in real-time
  • State-of-the-Art Shipping
    Reduce costs with automated tracking and maintenance

Why doesn't your rental management system integrate with your financials?
Does it take too long to build a quote and turn it into a contract?

Whether your company is in the heavy/light equipment rental, oil-field services rental, transportation rental, building industry rental, or party/event rental business, watch this OnDemand webinar to see a demonstration of EQM Rental Management Software
and learn how you can take control of your rental business.

Feature Resources

Does Your Current Rental Management System Help to Maximize Rental Revenue? 

Unity is a beautiful thing and with the right integrated solution, you never have to scour multiple platforms to find the data you need. Everything is maintained in one fully integrated system utilizing the power of Microsoft Dynamics.

Learn how you can quickly locate, code, and schedule in just seconds. 

Achieve better tracking

Unify your tracking process with location tracking, scheduling, as well as full financial accounting. You'll be able to identify where your item is in real-time, what item is most profitable, and the costs associated with each item. 


Deliver better equipment maintenance

Our rental solution makes it easy to record the maintenance status of inventory and what is currently being rented. When a customer returns an item, the system can generate automatically scheduled maintenance based on mileage, counters, or other criteria.

Offer flexible rental terms to build repeat business

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Find the rental assets they need quickly and easily structure the terms to suit their needs. Set up flexible rental periods with pricing rules for any period, whether it is by the hour,  half-day, week, or longer. Be flexible in your billing by offering a variety of usage-based charges. 

Manage your entire business with one comprehensive system

A non-integrated business management system results in inefficiencies and mistakes. It’s almost impossible to make timely, informed decisions in that environment. Our solution provides a single point of control for every facet of your rental business and provides you with a complete picture of your operational costs and profits.

Completely eliminate silos of information scattered throughout your processes and you can react faster, eliminate errors, and be more responsive to your customers.


Meet your rental customers' needs flawlessly

With unmatched knowledge of the rental industry, Western Computer has modernized many companies that rent as a primary source of revenue – tailored to fit the way they do business.

Rental companies have unique operational needs that require specialized software. Our rental management functionality is specific to the rentals industry and designed by industry professionals. We are also the only provider with multiple rental solutions for any size of company, at any level of complexity.