How ERP Implemented by Western Computer Can Benefit Your Business


First things first: What does ERP stand for and what exactly is it? Good question.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, a term that refers to many business management practices. Microsoft Dynamics products are most commonly associated with ERP because of their reputation for optimizing, organizing and expediting projects which result in an increased return on investment.

Within the Microsoft Dynamics suite, there are various business management software applications that allow organizations to manage businesses and automate many back office functions related to technology, client services and internal departments such as Finance, Sales & Receivables, Purchase & Payables, Inventory Control, Manufacturing and Human Resources.

Why go to Western Computer for ERP?

  • We are members of Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and ranked 13th on Accounting Today’s 2016 VAR (Value-Added Resellers) 100 List.

  • We have a proven track record and nearly three decades of experience. Some of our satisfied clients and partners include ICM, Inc., LinkTech Quick Couplings, LD Products, Hutchens Industries, Inc., Eastwood Homes, Gustavo Preston and many others.

  • We have over 160 experts dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics and believe in regular communication with our clients.

  • We regularly host complimentary webinars to help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

  • We work with companies in multiple industries including manufacturing, distribution, construction, management, packaging, homebuilding and many more. We have unique recommendations and customized strategies whether you run a small business or a global corporation. Check out our Product Comparison chart to see which package is meant for you.

    - Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed for international organizations while Microsoft Dynamics NAV is geared towards small-midsize businesses that want to grow their market share.

    - Microsoft AX supports complicated centralized data management while

  • Microsoft NAV works with simpler organization structures.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for IT consulting. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics implementation and training, Western Computer offers cloud computing and data storage to help our clients save money. Hosted models speed up response time and ensure that the necessary employees have on-demand access to crucial files and information.

Contact us today to find out how to increase your company's productivity!

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