Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise: A Unique Solution for Forward-Thinking Businesses


Connecting one platform with multiple applications and functions is critical in business life and personal affairs. Let’s take the cell phone for example. The earlier models were used for one function, and one function only; phone calls.

Modern technology has allowed phones to become cameras, navigation systems, Internet browsers, email messengers, calculators, weather predictors, and just about anything else you can imagine.

People (and businesses) enjoy do-it-all solutions. The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 software that was recently released is equipped with new AI [Artificial Intelligence] functions that allow users to have endless data at their fingertips on multiple devices across the world.

Ask Yourself:

  • Businesses need easily accessible data to make important decisions on a daily basis, right?
  • Companies constantly seek ways to manage new leads while retaining existing accounts, right?

Saving time = saving money. It’s a very simple yet significant equation in the corporate world. By improving the functionality of the software, it takes fewer workers and hours to accomplish tasks that used to be tedious and time-consuming.

It only made sense for Microsoft to combine their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms to give employees an intuitive system that acts as a one-stop shop for individual departments, national companies, and global corporations.

Breaking Down Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise: What’s All The Hype About?

  • Improve Collaboration – You can set up custom groups for different projects. This will give every team member involved access to the relevant information. A member of the sales team can easily share real-time client data to somebody in Operations in a matter of seconds.
  • End-to-end Business Capabilities – The software encompasses everything from the initial interaction (new prospect) to the final transaction (new customer). These apps are completely customizable. You can utilize Dynamics 365 Enterprise for any combination of Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Project Service Automation. This allows you to implement better processes in the areas your company needs them the most.
  • Unified Experience That Works With Existing Systems – These apps are easy to navigate and offer a familiar look and feel for current users of Microsoft Dynamics. Additionally, it doesn’t matter which type of internet device you are using – these business applications work with desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.


Productivity has just been taken to new heights. By combining CRM with ERP and integrating Microsoft Office, Dynamics 365 allows companies to get more done in less time. Sales quotes can be generated in an Uber as you are headed to a meeting. That very same quote can be edited and emailed to the client with the click of a button. It will even show you if/when the client has opened the email!

This is just one example of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is going to change business applications forever. Western Computer takes pride in helping businesses scale by providing Dynamics AX consulting and assisting companies while installing Microsoft’s entire suite of beneficial applications. What do you think of Dynamics 365? Comment below to keep the conversation going. 

For a complete list of Microsoft Dynamics 365 functions:

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