4 Ways Project Managers are Key to ERP Success


There’s no doubt about it, ERP implementations can be highly complex and full of risks. Choosing and deploying the right technology solutions requires a lot of strategies, planning, time and expertise. Project managers are often the key to a successful outcome, and the project management team at Western Computer is second to none. We asked them to share the top 4 ways they ensure ERP projects stay on task and on-budget, and deliver ongoing value to our clients.

How to Get the Most from Your Software Vendor

A strong partnership with your software vendor will pay off in many ways, starting with the support of experienced, qualified staff. With over 500 successful implementations, our team has crafted a proven, flexible methodology to ensure project success. You are matched with a project manager based on a number of criteria from your products and requirements to your company culture.

Project managers should stay focused on your long-term success, not just the budget, schedule or status reports. They should bring functional expertise, as well as a deep knowledge of business processes, change management and leadership.

Here’s how our project management process works:

  1. Setting the stage for project success: Our project managers are engaged with the client even before the project receives approval. The time spent during the proposal process is important to understand client needs and establish a relationship that will nurture project success. During this time, the project manager will work with your leaders to understand your business needs, technology expectations and set up the framework for how the project will progress. Your project manager will establish a plan of action for daily work and how potential challenges will be resolved during the life of the project.
  2. Demonstrating system functionality: Project managers are well-versed on product functionality and how these systems will support your specific business operations and strategic goals. During this phase, project managers will facilitate discussions regarding any potential gaps that could be filled by other resources or products. Working with your leaders and a cross-section of users on how this new system will meet day-to-day needs will go a long way toward strengthening user adoption.
  3. Mapping business processes: Discussing specific business processes and how they fit within the standard functionality of the solution will enable the project manager and team to provide clear options and recommendations for moving forward. Based on years of experience with clients in many industry settings, as well as having deep-rooted knowledge of business technology, we use best practices to meet the goals and expectations of our clients.
  4. Testing and ongoing support: Project managers play an important role throughout testing and training for your new systems so we can respond quickly to potential challenges and communicate with development and testing teams to resolve issues quickly. You also have a reliable resource, in your project manager and team, all of which are knowledgeable professionals focused on keeping your business running efficiently.

We’re in It for The Long Haul

At Western Computer, we empower our project managers to continually support your business and technology objectives from the very start of our relationship. We are here for the long haul, and our goal is to see your business optimize the technology that drives continued growth and success. Contact Western Computer to learn more about our project managers and how to ensure you have the right team and support for a successful implementation.

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