Provide a Seamless eCommerce Experience with ERP Integration


Like many retail businesses, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution offers a solid foundation for managing business operations. You’ve also tapped into the world of eCommerce, but the systems in place aren’t as efficient or streamlined as they could be for you or your customers. There is a better way to provide customers with a seamless eCommerce experience by integrating eCommerce and product information management (PIM) systems.

The world of eCommerce is challenging to navigate, especially when your software isn’t able to pull the weight. The online world is fast-paced and customers that can’t reach the information they want, when they want it, are only one click away from a competitor. Customers aren’t the only ones who are frustrated. Your employees in IT, accounting, sales and customer service can also get frustrated by the time it takes to enter information, respond to customer needs and stay on top of inventory and fulfillments.

Discover Major Benefits of eCommerce Integration with ERP

An ERP solution is the foundation on which you build a strong and profitable business. It contains a lot of critical data for customers, suppliers, inventory, distribution, sales, and orders. Much of this same data is used in eCommerce, but if the systems can’t talk to each other, your people are likely re-keying information from ERP into eCommerce or vice versa.  The IT department also spends too much time customizing integrations which just don’t provide the seamless connection you need to work efficiently.

What if you had an integrated eCommerce platform that utilized your ERP system’s data, relationships, catalogs, and categorization? A turnkey solution enables you to simplify and streamline how you manage warehouse operations, fulfillment, back-office operations, financials, e-commerce, PIM, customer service and more.

Download “42 Benefits of E-Commerce Built For Your ERP System: The Integration Guide,” and you’ll see how to maximize your ERP investment with a powerful, integrated eCommerce solution.   

Deliver a Seamless, Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Information you maintain in ERP is available to customers through your eCommerce system. Customers will have full access to product information, their historical purchase details, and other account data. This information is easily available when the customer is online and doesn’t require any duplicate data entry from your team. Customers will appreciate an easier buying process with simple navigation and personalized processes. When you can automatically bridge the gap between the data in ERP and eCommerce operations, you will provide clients with a superior online shopping experience and keep them coming back.

Provide a More Personalized Customer Experience

With ERP, eCommerce and PIM integration, you benefit from a centralized location for product data, specialized pricing, and other details. You can provide customers with personalized order and pricing information based on quantity or existing contractual arrangements, while also offering different product and pricing information to different online web stores or to new prospects. You can also release personalized marketing messages to trigger sales with specific customers or promote certain products. Automating these processes will save valuable time while boosting revenue opportunities.

 A turnkey eCommerce solution connects the data, processes, and people from across your business and provides online customers with a seamless, personalized experience. With your ERP solution as the foundation, you can grow an efficient, profitable eCommerce business.

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