Two Ways Microsoft Dynamics Affects Employee Morale


Commute included, you likely spend over ten hours per day working and preparing for work. While we all strive for the right work/life balance, often times work becomes life. Luckily, there are numerous technological advances that are emerging to assist in your everyday business functions. In this blog, we discuss a couple of ways that the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system can positively impact employee morale.



  • More Free Time = More Me Time: Let’s say you work in Business Development. Your main goal is locating qualified prospects, contacting them, and eventually onboarding them as new clients. Without the proper technological resources, this process involved strenuous planning and persistence. Companies used to use phone books, Chambers of Commerce, and paid consultants to generate new leads. They also used to keep stacks of printed documents in bulky filing cabinets to keep track of their customers. 

    Is that still the case? Noooooo way! By using Microsoft Dynamics (and its upgrades), multiple departments can save themselves time and money. Stop combing through disorganized data, and start focusing exclusively on executing your daily duties. 

    Now that your process has become twice as efficient, you can spend double the amount of time handling your important, high-priority operations. Plus, you don’t have to work through your lunch or on weekends during football. Coupling Western Computer’s professional consulting for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX will free up your weekend just in time to watch your favorite team kickoff!

More Sales, Better Service, and Improved Retention - The NAV, AX, and CRM platforms are scalable for a reason… we expect you and your business to grow. Why? - - - Because [with the help of Microsoft Dynamics] we can show you how to manage your assets (time, money, leads, clients, software, etc.). In addition to helping free up time for the Sales Team, NAV also helps improve client retention by improving the Customer Support department's efficiency. 

- With NAV’s upgrades, a user can pull up customer purchase history while on the phone with a customer, search for an organized list of purchase invoices, and work with a Western Computer specialist to determine which upgrades are necessary based on current business goals and practices. 

- Better customer support equates to higher customer retention, better client satisfaction, and more new business referrals. These are all things that result in a good ole’ morale boost for all involved parties!

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“CHA-CHING!” It looks like Tyler got yet another sale!

Improve your morale and day-to-day operations by utilizing any of the many solutions available from Western Computer and Microsoft. From NAV and AX to CRM, there are tons of abbreviations you should know about, but if we had to sum up Microsoft Dynamics in three letters, it would have to be ROI. 

Just ask Randy Rehder, CEO of LinkTech Couplings, who said this about Western Computer and Microsoft Dynamics: “100% ROI in 90 days, 20% reduction in inventory levels and improved cash flow, allowing LinkTech Couplings to invest more money in operational areas.”

Whether you need commercial printing management software or a mobile app for global inter-departmental file sharing, Western Computer is here to help.


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