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ICM, Inc. deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX with assistance from Western Computer, a Microsoft partner.  The deployment included Adeaca Advanced Projects CEC, a plug-in solution that further enhances project management processes within Microsoft Dynamics AX.  The Solution generated immediate results: Project managers increased their ability to manage resource capacity and project scheduling across multiple projects. 

"Western Computer was instrumental in helping us manage the project and our expectations as well as providing expertise to leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX to generate the most bang for our buck," said Mike Spellman, Applications Manager at ICM, Inc. "We could have spent a lot more on customizations we did not actually need, but Western Computer helped us work through those decisions to keep costs down. They know exactly how to apply Microsoft Dynamics AX to specific ERP processes."

Learn how ICM, Inc. partnered with Western Computer to optimize their project cost accounting, resource management, and scheduling processes.

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