Reliable data, clean processes, and a strong partner:
Labelmaster moves to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, guided by Western Computer

When legacy applications presented a barrier to continued growth, Labelmaster set out to upgrade its business management system. The company selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV, implemented by Western Computer, as a solution for both financial and ERP functionality, including order processing and inventory control across multiple warehouses. The solution has automated many end-to-end workloads, eliminating manual processes and duplicate data entry. Also, with a single, unified system for financial and ERP data, Labelmaster now has access to more timely, accurate reporting, ensuring that all employees are working from a single version of the truth.

"Our deployment success is all about the partner," said Michael Kaufman, Vice President of Production and Technology at Labelmaster. "Our systems are complex... but what really made this successful was having the right partner, Western Computer."

Learn why Labelmaster partnered with Western Computer to upgrade their out-of-date Microsoft Dynamics GP system. 

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