365ShopFloor by Western Computer

365ShopFloor by Western Computer for Microsoft Dynamics Nav & Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Capture, Approve, Track and Consolidate Time for Every Production Job, All from the Shop Floor

Need an efficient way to track time and allocate resources for every task of every production job?  

Wish you could get the full picture of actual production costs, including resources, raw materials and waste?   

365ShopFloor by Western Computer empowers manufacturers to gain more comprehensive and accurate visibility of all production costs, including time and resources. Employees simply scan their personal barcode and job travelers barcode at each station when the task starts, then scan again when complete. Time is automatically tracked and sent for manager review and approval, or sent direct to your production journal, giving you full control and insight of production costs.


How to improve production profitability with 365ShopFloor:  

  • Uncover ways to save time and money on production
  • Establish more accurate costs, pricing and resource utilization
  • Ensure time is reported accurately with manager approvals
  • Gain a drilled-down or holistic view of all production costs
  • Eliminate manual, paper-based time entry and tracking

Want to see how 365ShopFloor can make production more profitable?


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Optimize Production Efficiency, Accuracy, and Profit with 365ShopFloor

Simple Time Tracking for Every Phase of Production

Make it fast and easy for resources to scan barcodes or enter IDs at each station to automatically track time against each job, you can even track time for the same resource across multiple jobs, simultaneously. 

Ensure Accurate Time and Costs for Each Job

With optional routing for manager approval, you'll know each time entry is reviewed and correct. Management can uncover potential errors before they are processed and paid.

Gain Full Visibility into Production Costs

365ShopFloor helps you uncover opportunities for more profit by including actual resource costs in your production journals, giving you the big-picture insight needed to make better decisions.  

365ShopFloor By
Western Computer

365ShopFloor Helps Manufacturers Control Costs, Allocate Resources and Optimize Production



365ShopFloor Streamlines Time and Tracking Process

Employee Production Scanning

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Employee Time Journal

Employee Time Journal

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Manufacturing Setup Screenshot

Manufacturing Setup

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