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Business intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics: Get actionable, effective insights from your data

Companies using Microsoft Dynamics who wish to increase or customize the reporting and business intelligence capabilities of their system can look to Western Computer to expertly assist them in selecting and deploying the right BI solution for their business.

We partner with two of the industry’s best solution providers who design Business Intelligence solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, and CRM users.



Business Insight:

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Jet Reports – Fast and accurate Business Intelligence and reporting.
Jet Reports’ robust, easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence solutions are used by over 100,000 Dynamics users worldwide. You can feed all of your data sources into one solution for comprehensive reporting and business analytics. These can be set up in Dynamics or Excel – whatever option provides your users with the most ease and flexibility

The Jet Repots interface allows for advanced reporting, worldwide collaboration, detailed business analytics, and mobile-friendly solutions for data-dependent projects ranging from Finance and Operations to Sales and Human Resources.

ZAP Technology – Easily Achieved Business Intelligence
ZAP’s pre-built and pre-packaged analytics for Microsoft Dynamics allow you to immediately begin using business intelligence across your entire enterprise. This solution can be rapidly deployed, even with customizations, and is designed for use solely with Microsoft Dynamics software within a variety of industries.

ZAP Solutions increase your business’ efficiency in many ways. First of all, its data integration helps simplify workforce processes by providing a customizable dashboard that is easy to navigate. From there, the information can be sorted, organized, shared, and analyzed effortlessly.

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  • ZAP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV - We utilize this system to help your business cut down consulting costs. ZAP provides governed data modeling, automation, and a visualization web application. This software is perfect for reporting statistics that can be incorporated into presentations for internal and external meetings. Showcase your company’s progress in a poignant, practical manner.
  • ZAP for Microsoft Dynamics AX - Data speaks volumes when it comes to business decisions. From financial planning and budgeting to investing in sales and marketing materials, this application helps streamline the entire process. Every program in the Microsoft Dynamics suite is compatible with desktops, tablets, and smartphones, which adds convenience for those who are working from home.

Since Western Computer is a premier Microsoft Partner, we are able to offer Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence), which is a premium mobile and cloud-based service that gives you data visualization and instant sharing capabilities. Power BI is intuitive for users of all levels, and the program allows users to access their custom dashboard from anywhere with internet access.

We also offer training, webinars, and ongoing technical support. This service includes system upgrades, troubleshooting guidance, general questions, and advanced tutorials.

From reporting quarterly profits to organizing your customer base, our Jet Reports and ZAP expertise is one of the many ways we can take your business to the next level. We provide innovative solutions that are intuitive, quantitative, and beneficial for companies who need to tighten up their internal and external organizational practices. For more information, call 800-729-9971 or email

What Reporting And Business Intelligence Capabilities Are Available In Microsoft Dynamics Solutions?