Advanced Projects

The Better Way to Manage Projects with One Powerful Solution

Your project-driven business may face long build times, expensive materials and the need for highly skilled workers. To remain profitable, meet your commitments and manage costs, Western Computer offers a flexible, accurate, and comprehensive solution, Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

You can become productive faster by harnessing the enormous power of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP.  

With Advanced Projects from Western Computer, you can:

  • 360° Visibility
    Manage projects and project costs more efficiently
  • Trade Management
    Meet your on-time, on-budget commitments
  • State-of-the-Art Shipping
    Optimize resources and make your team more productive

Relax. You are not alone. 

Rest assured that our experienced team of professionals at Western Computer not only know how the software works, but have practical hands-on industry knowledge to benefit your entire operation.  Learn more about our breakthrough customer service. 

Develop, design, and deliver projects in a single, integrated application

Stop trying to manage complex projects with multiple spreadsheets and systems with no single, correct version of what is really happening across your projects. We designed the Advanced Projects solution to integrate the three-phase project cycle that is integral to every project-driven business: develop, design and deliver.

View the key areas of functionality in the project cycle.

Key Benefits

With Advanced Projects, your project-driven company gets:

  • Flexibility, functionality and technology – the hallmarks of Microsoft Dynamics AX 
  • Industry-specific functionality that fuels your project productivity
  • A seamless integration between the applications
  • Real-time data, advanced reporting and business intelligence for fact-based decision-making
  • Tight integration to Microsoft productivity tools, such as Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office

Stop synchronizing disparate systems

Deliver real-time views of client and project information across the enterprise, so everyone is working from the same data.

Manage projects more efficiently

Track, monitor and get highly detailed information about each project, activity and task – including issues and risks. Make scope changes effortlessly.

Improve project visibility

Gain clear, real-time insight into budget variance and financial performance as you view progress across your entire portfolio.

Optimize resources

See people, material and equipment utilization to ensure your specialized resources are scheduled where they are needed most.

Improve project communication and collaboration

Keep everyone on the same page with automated project workflow and enterprise web portal.

Manage project costs

Reduce budget overruns by managing schedule changes, contract variations and budget revisions.

Professional Service Industry Solutions

Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX has specific functionality for companies whose business is executing sophisticated projects in professional services industries. It is built for the particular challenges of these industries:

  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)
  • Professional Service Organizations (PSO)
  • Project Manufacturing and Engineering (PME)

Learn more about Advanced Projects industry solutions.


Learn more about how Advanced Projects can manage your entire project-driven business in one quick five-minute video.