DynamicsShip for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A refreshing approach to advanced shipping software for Dynamics NAV

When your business is all about delivering products to customers, by using shipping software for Dynamics NAV, you can easily and affordably maintain a high-volume of shipments with our robust shipping solution, DynamicsShip. Ship more orders faster. Streamline execution across your fulfillment network. End the struggle of dealing with multiple carrier interfaces.

Designed by logistics experts, DynamicsShip is easily configured for any industry and can accommodate many shipping methods, procedures, and business rules.

With DynamicsShip from Western Computer, you can:


  • 360° Visibility
    Optimize any shipping environment in any industry
  • Trade Management
    Interface with multiple carriers to compare rates and services
  • State-of-the-Art Shipping
    Deliver exceptional processing speed

Get products out the door faster

DynamicsShip is a shipping software for NAV that’s designed for speed. DynamicsShip's automatic cubing feature allows you to evaluate the items within a sales order to determine the number and types of packages needed and the best way to pack them. After packing, choose the lowest cost shipping with dimensional rate shopping with speed and confidence.

If your company relies on getting your products into your customers’ hands as quickly as possible, success depends on how fast you deliver and whether or not you can leverage the fastest, least expensive routes. Our DynamicsShip shipping software for NAV will help you:

  • Achieve the lowest possible freight costs on all shipments
  • Produce carrier-certified shipping labels, manifests and other required documents
  • Deliver more orders faster by shipping from any inventory source
  • Increase operational efficiencies for mid to high shipping volumes
  • Integrate all systems and technologies to leverage a cost-effective, interconnected supply chain
  • Raise visibility for live package status, delivery updates and shipment history for internal and customer use
  • Exceed customer expectations for shipment delivery


With the ability to handle an extremely high volume of transactions, streamlined logistics, and automation of the entire shipping process, with DynamicsShip, you can ship more orders faster, whether it’s from stores, suppliers or distribution centers. If your company needs training, we’ll work with you to create a Microsoft Dynamics NAV training program designed specifically for your needs.

Benefits for your bottom-line

Fast manifesting
At over a million packages an hour, DynamicsShip is designed to deliver exceptional processing speeds while applying the most complex business policies.

Seamless integration
Integrates perfectly with ERP, WMS, electronic scales, label printers and other applications to leverage investments in existing technology.

Scalable solution
From a single work station to multiple warehouses or retail stores, DynamicsShip can extend multi-carrier shipping to your entire company with ease.

Easily comply with most major and local carriers

Eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple carriers. DynamicsShip includes full shipping integrations to most major international and local carriers, easily accessed from a single interface within your Dynamics NAV environment. Engage our experts to customize any interfaces you need that we don’t already support.

Optimize and customize your shipping process

DynamicsShip’s unmatched versatility allows you to create the most effective product shipping environment for your company, from scheduling and tracking to cost reporting. Our customers already love the agility of Dynamics NAV, a shipping software solution for NAV that is easy to use and change when needed to match your processes. DynamicsShip integrated into Dynamics NAV raises the bar for companies who must deliver products when and where their customers need them.

What else? DynamicsShip can:

  • Accommodate dimensional calculation requirements from FedEx and UPS
  • Comply with governmental regulations and international shipping requirements
  • Maximize picking efficiency based on item location and packing optimization
  • Group multiple deliveries into one
  • Create UCC-compliant labels and documents with customer/purchase order data and customized barcodes, including: shipping labels, pick slips, packing slips, combination tickets
  • Integrate with OMS, WMS, electronic scales, label printers, and other applications
  • Bill your customers different rates than carrier default rates
  • Access shipment history, live package status, and delivery updates
  • Give customers access to orders and shipment information

Speed and agility that improves your margins

Only by getting the right goods to the right place at the right time can you give a product a chance to compete and to succeed. DynamicsShip keeps you informed so you can move goods quickly to high-demand areas and withdraw stock from low-demand areas. Being able to respond quickly and effectively to fluctuating demand helps to prevent lost sales, and also to reduce write-offs of excess stock.

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