Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders

Western Computer believes in strong, long-lasting business relationships. We have built a reputation for providing our Home Builders with the highest quality products and services. In addition, we stand behind our customers after the installation by providing on-going hardware and software technical support, as well as a complete software training program. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders allows you to: 


  • Out of the Box
    Access quality support to keep your operations running smoothly
  • Trade Management
    Take advantage of upgrades and enhanced functionality
  • State-of-the-Art Shipping
    Operate a system that is flexible to your organization



Western Computer enables our customers to take advantage of new technology by supporting regular upgrades and new functionality offered by Dynamics NAV. 

Our commitment is to provide Dynamics NAV and our services to our customers at the highest level of quality, to deliver a complete software solution that will give Home Builders the most powerful tools for successful growth. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions at or submit a new support request using our portal


Support hours are Monday - Friday 5 am PT - 8 pm ET.  To escalate your support case, please contact:  

Cindy Peterson
Support Manager 

 Service Plan Features    

Standard Plan

Elite Plan

CustomerSource Access

Requires a current MS  Dynamics  Annual Enhancement Plan Requires a current MS  Dynamics  Annual Enhancement Plan
Product Releases 10 years 10 years
Critical Response Time 2 hours 1 hour
24x7 Problem Resolution Support 1.5 x Plan Rate 1.5 x Plan Rate
Extended HotFix Support 2 hours 1 hour
SLO Reporting N/A Quarterly

Western Computer believes and supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV's Statement of Direction

The research and development priorities for Microsoft Dynamics NAV are defined through extensive consultation with customers and partners, as well as through collaboration across Microsoft’s many product teams serving the needs of small and midsized businesses. In particular, Western Computer seeks to: 

1. Help Home Builders reduce the cost and complexity of growing their businesses

  • a. Increase productivity with great end-user experiences customized for Home Builders
  • b. Streamline business processes through automation and efficient management tools
  • c. Enable new ways of working through secure collaboration and shared business processes between companies, suppliers, customers and partners 

2. Support a vibrant partner ecosystem that serves customers and geographies

3. Help Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders customers derive the maximum benefit from Microsoft’s Cloud offering

To learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Statement of Direction, click here



Support Lifecycle for Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Home Builders

Western Computer will follow the support standards and policy set forth by Microsoft. Therefore, Western Computer will offer a minimum of 10 years of support for the Dynamics NAV for Home Builder solution. 


Frequently Asked Questions

► If I have multiple Microsoft products, do they all share the same support lifecycle timelines?

Each product has its support lifecycle timeline defined per the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy and is consistent by product family for new and future versions. However, older versions of Microsoft products may have different lifecycle timelines. Therefore, it is important to verify the exact product support dates for your product. To find the support timelines for your product, search the Support Lifecycle Product Database.

► What happens when a platform update, such as a new version of Microsoft Windows, introduces new functionality or data types that were never supported in the original release of the currently supported product? 

Microsoft cannot guarantee that a new feature that was introduced exclusively in the new version of the platform will be supported in the older version. For example, if a new version of Microsoft Windows was released, the prior version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM would not necessarily support installation on the new operating system. 

► What is the Enhancement Plan? 

The Enhancement Plan is an annual software maintenance plan for Microsoft Dynamics customers around the globe. More information on the available plans by product and region, please visit this website.

► Who can enroll in the Enhancement Plan? 

The Enhancement Plan is available to new and existing customers with a Microsoft Dynamics product.