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365REMAN Remanufacturing Software Features 

365REMAN by Western Computer provides powerful enterprise resource planning for remanufacturers to automate and connect all areas of their business. From core management and teardown processes to the challenges surrounding the recovery, supply planning, and utilization of cores in remanufactured products, 365REMAN allows remanufacturers to serve customers faster and more efficiently. 

  • Track reman core items owed by customers. 

  • Manage reman core items owed to vendors. 

  • Entice customers to return used cores. 

  • Invoice and collect fees assessed on reman products. 

  • Issue refunds to customers and receive credits from vendors. 

  • Leverage forecast to calculate average days to return cores. 

  • Predict potential daily return of cores—by customer and by item. 

  • Transact sale of reman products when no core tracking is applicable. 

  • Streamline reman core kitting processes. 

Tailored for core remanufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, 365REMAN is ideal for companies that need specific remanufacturing functions in their ERP system or to modernize their existing business management system. The solution also facilitates sustainability by helping remanufacturers reuse existing materials to reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy during reman processes. 

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Core Eligibility Management 


  • Leverage core bank ledger to maintain eligibility details. 

  • Track outstanding cores owed and banked item quantities for each customer. 

  • Deduct quantities of associated reman items when receiving non-eligible cores. 

  • Map similar cores received to non-eligible cores and select valid substitutes.  

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Core Inspection & Grading 


  • Evaluate quality of returned cores. 

  • Assign core quality and condition ratings. 

  • Track core inventory based on quality and condition. 

  • Document returned core inspections with item-grade checklists. 

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Core Teardown & Disassembly


  • Monitor processes to disassemble cores into component parts. 

  • Use bills-of-materials (BOMs) to streamline core reverse logistics. 

  • Track reusable individual parts, whether they stay together or get sold separately. 

  • Analyze fall-out rates to predict core part and part-type reusability. 

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Inventory Control 


  • Gain holistic views of inventory counts using multiple costing methods. 

  • Move items easily between locations and use cycle counting to control quantities. 

  • Predict stock replenishment based on demand, availability, and stock-outs. 

  • Track core specification variations. 



  • Improve supplier engagement to build long-term relationships. 

  • Convert best vendor offers to orders. 

  • Ensure compliance with internal policies. 

  • Implement governance and approval processes. 

Order Management 


  • Track level of success in meeting customer agreements.  

  • Deliver on promised core availability and delivery dates. 

  • Monitor fulfillment status of each customer order. 

  • Create flexible pricing and discount structures for individual customers and groups. 



  • Adjust to supply chain capacity and restraints. 

  • Streamline production through detailed BOMs. 

  • Facilitate assembly-to-order processes. 

  • Leverage complex production order processes. 

Additional Features of 365REMAN from Western Computer 

365REMAN is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP platform, providing predictable subscription licensing, automatic updates, 99.9% SLA performance guarantees, easy integrations, and 24/7/365 access anywhere in the world. 

Powerful Financial Management 

Leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central enterprise-level financial management functions. 

Centralized Data, Connected Insights

Make better decisions with 360-degree business visibility using visual tools like Microsoft Power BI.

Advanced Mobile Capabilities

Empower sales reps with information at their fingertips to increase accuracy, profit, and customer loyalty.

Microsoft Integration & Reliability

Tap into the unmatched value of Microsoft applications—constant innovation and automatic software updates.

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