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Empower Your Business with Enhanced Functionality and Complementary Solutions

365WineTrade is powerful business software made specifically for the wine and spirits industry, and it integrates with multiple software solutions to further optimize and automate your operations. With these integrations, you seamlessly add greater functionality.

Explore the most popular 365WineTrade add-ons below and contact our experts to discuss any unique needs for your business.

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Commerce7 is a modern direct-to-consumer (DTC) platform for wineries focused on providing customer-centric commerce solutions. The solution pulls together point of sale (POS), clubs and subscriptions, eCommerce, customer relationship management (CRM), and reservations into one advanced platform to create better shopping experiences—regardless of the channel.

  • Enhance the customer experience with personalized product recommendations in your club and on your website.
  • Speed up the checkout process online and in the tasting room by offering integrated mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience with personalized, condition-based landing pages.
  • Offer a flexible, modern way to buy wine with subscription clubs.
  • Keep on top of your upcoming winery bookings with our built in reservations solution.
  • Grant customers access to specific wines using the allocations tool.
  • Build strong customer relationships through our tier based loyalty solution.
  • Grow your business with customizable, tracked email campaigns.
  • Gain valuable insights through our comprehensive customer, sales, and inventory reporting.
  • Commerce7 is 100% API based, allowing you to integrate seamlessly.

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PocketAdvantage by iNVENTiV


iNVENTiV's PocketAdvantage automates the sales order process and is used by over 16,000 wine and spirits sales reps and sales managers to place over $20 billion in orders per year. As a powerful order entry system, it enhances the order entry process for sales reps in the field. Sales representatives have the ability to process orders while in the field, offline and without internet. PocketAdvantage™ includes open invoices and enables the sales rep to record payments in realtime. 

  • Immedate access to customer sales history with invoice detail with pricing.
  • Visibility to available inventory, customer allocations, and vintage details.
  • Calculate simple or complex pricing by customer.
  • View product information including sell sheets.
  • Access PocketAdvantage app on iPad, iPhone, or PC.

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InnoVint has been revolutionizing vineyard and winery operations across the globe since 2013 with its leading winery production software. InnoVint's powerful technology allows for automated compliance, transparency into the true cost of each wine, improved production workflows, and so much more. InnoVint is the optimal daily workflow solution for over 5,000 winemakers and many of the world's top brands.

  • Entire production process into one winery-friendly platform.
  • Partner with other winemakers.

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Celigo is the leading enterprise-wide automation company for the mid-market and beyond. Celigo’s unique process-centric approach to automation enables IT and business users to discover, automate, and continuously optimize every business process—freeing teams and individuals to innovate at scale.

Celigo goes far beyond connecting applications. The platform allows you to automate entire business processes connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions with any other non-native Microsoft application.

Celigo is the only integration platform as a service (iPaaS) with a comprehensive library of Microsoft prebuilt solutions with embedded business expertise to support end-to-end process automation. Celigo offers complete scalability to support high-volume ecommerce, supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and data warehousing integrations. Manual tasks are turned into automated workflows— eliminating human errors and allowing your resources to focus on strategic and revenue-generating initiatives.

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Cosmos is the first and only cloud reporting and analytics solution designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Running in the Microsoft Azure cloud, reports are easy to create, run at lightning speed, refresh simultaneously, and eliminate the burden of on-premise system upkeep. Built for users, Cosmos leverages the familiar Excel environment and requires no technical expertise to quickly and easily design, run, and share custom reports and Power BI dashboards.

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Dynamicweb eCommerce,
PIM and Digital Marketing

Are you ready for a modern, strategic way to expand your sales channels and revenue? As wine and spirits businesses look to adapt and evolve to today’s climate and customer, eCommerce is a major opportunity and advantage. With Dynamicweb’s leading B2B and B2C eCommerce platform, you can deliver a personalized, seamless customer experience and position your brand as a market leader. 

  • Build drag-and-drop websites with automatic personalized product recommendations.
  • Enhance your product catalog with sophisticated product information management (PIM) capabilities.
  • Allow customers to create multiple carts and wish lists.
  • Enable sales reps to impersonate customers, build orders, and process on the spot.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns and collateral.
  • Automate communications with a full, built-in email automation platform. 

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Solver is a reporting and consolidations solution in the cloud that allows wine and beverage companies’ financial teams to forecast and report with greater ease, flexibility, and accuracy. As a reporting and corporate performance management solution (CPM), Solver helps controllers and CFOs budget and plan with agility. 365WineTrade integrates with Solver through an API using the Microsoft Business Central framework to allow for continuous updates between the two systems. This integration gives our customers:

  • A single source of truth for all data sources 
  • The ability to make real-time decisions based on more accurate reports 
  • A familiar look and feel to your existing financial work in Excel 

  • The power to budget by any dimension, including brand, region, varietal, and more 

  • Advanced analytics to accurately forecast yields and growth 

  • Options to bring in data sources from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems other than Microsoft, such as your e-commerce data 

  • Time back on a daily and weekly basis so your staff can devote themselves to higher-value work


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales 

Would you like to connect finance, sales and service to accelerate your experience and your performance?

There’s no question your customers are your greatest asset, and keeping them engaged and loyal is one of the most valuable investments you can make. Adding Dynamics 365 Sales to 365WineTrade gives you a fully integrated platform to support today’s tech-savvy, on-the-go sales teams and customers alike. 

  • Turn your goals into reality with a unified sales platform.
  • Engage customers on a new level across multiple channels.
  • Gain connected, contextual insights across sales, service, marketing, and finance.
  • Track sales performance to help teams focus efforts and stay motivated.
  • Proactively identify trends and opportunities across wine brands, regions, and more.
  • Sell socially with integrated LinkedIn Sales Navigator functionality.
  • Collaborate on deals with seamless communications through Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint.

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Multiple Integration Options

Do you need to integrate with 365WineTrade with third-party industry solutions?

One of the exclusive advantages of 365WineTrade iis that it is built on the Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud infrastructure which enables simpler integrations. The solution is also backed by an entire team of senior-level integrations experts at Western Computer.

We are constantly evaluating integration to complementary industry solutions, including: 

  • Microsoft applications including Office, Outlook, SharePoint, Sales, Customer Service, and more.
  • Multiple federal, state, and local regulatory entities and reporting systems.
  • 365ContainerImport
  • iNVENTiV – Pocket Advantage
  • SevenFifty/Provi
  • Dynamicweb eCommerce platform
  • Freight Forwarders:
    • Hillebrand
    • Gori
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PLs) such as Western Carriers

Western Computer has built a reputation on industry innovation for more than 30 years, and our ongoing commitment to simplify the complex world of wine and spirits distribution runs deep.

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