365WineTrade Reporting

Get Effortless, Real-Time Insights Across Your Business with
Western Computer’s Exclusive
365WineTrade Power BI Content Pack

365WineTrade includes a powerful advantage you only get with Western Computer. We eliminated the time and stress of analytics with our pre-built Power BI reports. In just a couple of clicks, you can view and drill down into real-time performance metrics and intelligence completely focused to your business and goals. And they are all available 24/7/365 from any location or device.

Explore some of our interactive reports right now and see how easy we make it to monitor, measure and track your business performance and profit.


Can you easily identify revenue by source? Are you able to see the top regions for each sales team? Keep your teams motivated and inspired to drive revenue and profit.

  • Revenue/Budget vs Goals
  • Cases/Budget vs Goals
  • Revenue by Domestic vs Imported
  • Buying Patterns
  • Top 5 Regions by Cases Sold
  • Contribution Margins

Click on the sales data below to see how it reacts.


Which week has a higher sales volume? Are you meeting your on-time order goal? Ensure you are keeping customers happy and proactively tracking your distribution performance.

  • Perfect Order % vs Goals
  • On-Time % vs Goals
  • Ship Complete % vs Goals
  • Volume by Week
  • Distribution Costs
  • Cases Shipped by Week
  • Returns & Dispositions

Click on the distribution data below to see how it reacts.


Do you know your top brands? What are your top regions? Your Power BI Marketing Report enables you to create a more personalized, focused experience for your customers.

  • Top Brands
  • Order Type
  • Wine Type
  • Buying Patterns
  • Top 5 Regions by Cases Sold
  • Contribution Margins

Click on the marketing data below to see how it reacts.

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