Bridge to Cloud Workshop

Special Bridge to Cloud Offer from Western Computer


The Bridge to the Cloud 2 offer from Microsoft is a limited-time opportunity for Dynamics on-premise users with an active Enhancement Plan (EP) to move to Dynamics 365 Cloud at a significantly reduced cost.

Western Computer further sweetens the deal with a complimentary 4-hour workshop designed to familiarize you with the Microsoft Cloud environment. This includes setting up a Cloud Sandbox, an overview of the new cloud user interface and role centers, and guidance on how to use configuration packages to import your data.

This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to modernize their operations with a cloud-based solution while maintaining their existing systems during the transition, all at a fraction of the usual cost.

Western Computer’s free 4-hour workshop includes:

  • Setup of a Cloud Sandbox
  • How to access your Cloud environment
  • Overview of the new cloud user interface and Role Centers
  • Review of features and functionality such as:
    • Search capabilities
    • Personalization options
    • Extension Management
  • How to use Configuration packages to import your data
  • Review use of Power BI 
  • How to assign licenses to your users


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