Internet Retailers

Could you benefit from a single source of the truth?

Do you have gaps between the front-end user interface and the back office?

Having a unified omnichannel solution, integrating ERP, eCommerce, and Product Information Management (PIM) systems, ensures access to overall up-to-date product data and provides the ability to easily manage product information across all of your marketing channels to access "One Single Source of the Truth."

Western Computer offers a unified omnichannel solution for internet retailers and distributors.

Multiple disconnected systems, which leave large gaps in business operations are no longer needed.

Our solution connects everything from the front-end user interface to the backend office allowing you to increase profitability and company-wide efficiencies, driving unparallel results. 

“Having our product data integrated into our ERP and Web platforms is a strategic advantage for us because it enables product data transparency between our supply chain, product management and marketing teams. Now we can spend more time growing our business since we are all working in the same system.”
Robert Finn
Vice President of Marketing
Learn how Labelmaster reduced duplicate processes and manual efforts by relying on one fully integrated ERP, E-Commerce, and PIM solution.
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Increase your customer base with a fully integrated omnichannel experience

Microsoft Dynamics


E-Commerce Store


Product Information Management (PIM)

All Business Logic Stored in Dynamics:  Pulls product and business logic information from Microsoft Dynamics and PIM. Watch this video to see how: All Product Information Stored in PIM: 
  • Product & shipping details (price, availability, brand, color, dimensions, weight, shipping methods)
  • Order Processing
  • Financial information 
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse Management/fulfillment
  • Analytics


  • Description
  • Product Specifications
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Regional product profile





Western Computer has helped several companies implement our unified omnichannel solution powered by Microsoft. These internet retailers are seeing impressive results that help drive their business forward. You need a single version of the truth and we know how to get you there.

Let us show you how. Request a personalized demo today. 

42 Benefits of an Integrated E-Commerce System 

Do you want to open a web store but don't know where to begin? Do you know how you are going to keep financial and inventory data up-to-date?

Do you foresee additional costs and hassle down the road while operating your web store? 

No worries. Western Computer and Sana Commerce can help you set up your web store easily and on a budget.

Download this integration guide to learn more. 

5 Crucial Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a PIM System

Perfion has written this guide to help you reach the best possible basis for your decision before you invest in a PIM system. If you want to achieve full value out of your investment, finding a PIM system that matches your needs in all the key areas is critical.