Solutions For The Manufacturing Industry

Competition is forcing Manufacturers to evaluate how they differentiate themselves in their market. Whether it’s the need to constantly improve your products to control costs, balancing transportation and inventory carrying costs, or dealing with compliance regulations, we can help you meet these challenges and turn them into business growth and opportunity.


We Know Manufacturing

Western Computer has helped hundreds of manufacturers automate processes to gain greater visibility into all aspects of the operation with a tailored Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.


Take the Burden away from your Manufacturing Business 

Use our ERP Software for Manufacturing 

ERP software stands for manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning software, wherein it brings together advanced enterprise technologies with multitudes of manufacturing industry expertise into a single integrated system. This ERP software system is able to help your manufacturing business in every aspect of its function, improving all facets of your business’ day-to-day needs.

Simplify the functions of your business, and utilize our ERP Software for an effective and vital organizational tool that reduces human error, and handles your specific requirements. ERP Software’s Technology strengthens your business and allows it to grow while still continuing to remain organized. 

Adapt quickly to changing demands

Meet your customer’s needs faster

Gain visibility to run flawless operations

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Technology That Frees You to Compete

We believe you should no longer be locked into a set way of doing business.  Western Computer implements renowned Microsoft Dynamics solutions to deliver the technology that manufacturers like you need in order to remain competitive. Whether it’s the need to move from a discrete manufacturing mode of operation to a process-focused manufacturing approach…or some combination of the two…Microsoft Dynamics allows you to choose how you will operate.

Have it Your Way – Flexible and Agile

Microsoft Dynamics solutions are built from the ground floor up focused on allowing you to work the way you want to work…and not simply work the way the system works.  Western Computer’s experts in manufacturing can fine-tune your system to fit your specific needs.

Visibility that Delivers ROI

With access to critical information at their fingertips, many of our customers have reported:

  • Reduced lead times
  • Higher inventory turn rate
  • Lower inventory carrying costs
  • Decreased time to launch new products

Meet Your Customers’ Needs Faster and Offer Them Instant Gratification

Western Computer delivers a solution that will allow you to make accurate promises to customers, provide them with reliable information, and respond faster to queries about order status and delivery. You’ll also have the flexibility to easily handle rush orders, make exceptions, and turn around last-minute requests and changes.

Drive Innovation

Grow your business by addressing constantly evolving customer needs with new ideas. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can take those new ideas and make them a reality. Leverage a toolset that is purposely built to allow you to work the way you want so you can take advantage of your competitive differences.

Western Computer Understands Your Manufacturing Needs

We understand the problems manufacturers face and we have created the following solutions specifically for the manufacturing industry to give you complete insight: 

Trade Management

Boost Distribution Margins with Trade Management Software

Every distributor faces challenges regarding pricing, commissions, royalties & rebates, and promotions. Western Computer has solved these problems by developing Trade Management software that allows distributors to:

  • Track the ROI of promotions and campaigns
  • Generate financial statements that reflect your future liabilities
  • Get a real-time picture of your in-transit inventory

Simplify Plant Operations

(a Microsoft Dynamics AX Demo)