Project-Driven Industries

Advanced Projects For Dynamics 365

Built For Your Industry – A Solution That Works Like You

Advanced Projects has specific functionality for companies whose business is executing sophisticated projects
in professional services industries. It was built for the challenges of these industries:

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)
Professional Services Organizations (PSO)
Project Manufacturing and Engineering (PME)

"Western Computer was instrumental in helping us manage the project and our expectations as well as providing expertise to leverage Microsoft Dynamics to generate the most bang for our buck.  We could have spent a lot more on customizations we did not actually need, but Western Computer helped us work through those decisions to keep costs down.  They know exactly how to apply Microsoft Dynamics to specific ERP processes"

- Mike Spellman, 
Applications Manager
ICM, Inc.


Make Strong Decisions That Matter To Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industries

AEC companies will thrive with our single consolidated solution to balance complex resource requirements and deadlines on projects and jobs – helping you meet client commitments on-time and on or below budget. To execute on our vision, Microsoft presently focuses on five solution areas or logical sets of business capabilities that are core to how Engineering and Construction firms operate and to how they may design and build for change:

#1 Business Development: Prioritize among project opportunities and make risk-appropriate pursuit decisions with consistent pipeline and proposal management processes. 

#2 Document Management & Collaboration: Streamline project execution across internal and external teams with secure role-based content management and real-time communications. 

#3 People & Equipment: Optimize utilization of all available assets with firm-wide tools and processes for identification and assignment of resources. 

#4 Projects & Job Sites: Drive repeatability and profitability into every project and job site activity with reusable planning templates, configurable cost controls, and standard as well as ad hoc reporting. 

#5 Financial Control: Know how your complex business is performing with “anytime anywhere” access to essential metrics and role-specific business processes.  

Increase Team Productivity For Your Professional Service Organizations (PSO)

Specially designed for project driven companies to manage and deploy critical resources and grow profitability. To preserve profits and customer satisfaction, it is vital that professional service organizations access centralized information. Ensure that the right person with the right skills is there at the right time - every time.

Practice Development: Close deals faster and grow client wallet share with insightful, timely, and contextual responses that build trust and annuity business.

Knowledge Management: Stop reinventing the wheel and take full advantage of your firm’s intellectual capital with proven tools to capture, find, share, and reuse information. 

Professional Development: Attract, develop, and retain the best and brightest talent by providing expertise-building experiences that optimize career and utilization objectives.

Service Delivery:  Deliver as promised and turn clients into enthusiastic referrals through optimized service planning, engagement, and execution.

Firm Administration:  Know how your complex business is performing with “anytime anywhere” access to essential metrics and role-specific business processes.

Your Complex Requirements Made Simple For Project Manufacturing & Engineering (PME)

Built for engineering, manufacturing & service companies to meet the challenging task of managing large and complex projects.

At Western Computer, we can help manufacturing and engineering companies that want to manage unique, complex projects and inventory with a fully integrated solution that is built to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Use technology purposely-built for the manufacturing industry: Improve control across a mix of make-to-order, make-to-stock, and other production processes. Enhance customer and vendor agreements with flexible contract structures. 

Scale your organization quickly with a global manufacturing solution: Enable global planning with unified operations resource models. Improve efficiency by sharing global data for general ledger, relationships, and products, and by using common processes for intercompany trade and shared services. 

Gain immediate insight and boost productivity with RoleTailored user experiences: Take advantage of new Role Centers, fact boxes, and enriched previews. Provide ad hoc, self-service business intelligence and reporting for key manufacturing operations, including prebuilt reports from Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services. 

An Investment That Keeps On Paying

Many solutions similar to Advanced Projects serve only a single industry; however, because Advanced Projects is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, many industries can utilize its state-of-the-art technology and functionality. You’ll also possess the investment protection of a best-in-class ERP solution. Grow and change without concern from quote-through-delivery with a solution that evolves with you.