ERP Services

Services Your Way. We Are Here To Listen.

We know how to deliver successful projects. Every implementation can be different based on your experience and expertise.

Some organizations have strong experienced resources which could mean fewer hours from the partner and other companies may want more guidance and hand-holding throughout the project. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we are listening and will adjust our services to your needs.


Your New ERP System Deserves A Successful Implementation.

Your Dynamics partner is vital to your entire business strategy and success.  You need a team of professionals dedicated to your project, with the knowledge to ensure you have the right solution that is fully implemented based on your project goals and objectives. The best team of professionals provide implementationdesign and developmenttraining, project management, go-live and post go-live support.  

When you partner with Western Computer, our services include more than just teaching you how the software works. Our industry experts know the best practices that can make your organization thrive to achieve goals like increased profits, better customer service, more accurate inventory control, etc. Our highly skilled team consists of CPAs, Certified Application Specialists, Certified Developers, Project Managers, Industry Experts, and Trainers.

With the deep knowledge that only experience brings, we pride ourselves in knowing that our long-term partnership with our customers increases their productivity and improves their overall operations.

Western Computer Provides Flexibility

" Where the cloud was new to us, we needed to be sure we could adapt. Having worked with Western Computer for so long, they knew our business so well, and they have the expertise to help us learn the nuances of the cloud.."

-Sheryl Williams
VP of Finance and Operations
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Does Your Partner Value A Long-term
Relationship With Your Company?

Successful partnerships works best when valued by both partners. Western Computer aims to earn and maintain the valued trust of our clients while building a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship. One that extends far beyond the initial project. 
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When you partner with Western Computer, we are by your side through the entire process of planning, implementing, go-live and beyond. 

To ensure you get the best customer care possible, we assign a dedicated Customer Account Manager (CAM) who is your advocate at Western Computer. Your questions are answered quickly, and there is never any doubt what the next step is going to be.  Our CAMs understand your specialized operations and objectives on a deeper level and are able to recommend (or advise against) technology updates and upgrades that best match your goals and budget.

Just as your business grows and changes, technology also evolves. Western Computer has your back at all times, ensuring your business technology continues to meet your needs today and enable future growth.

Contact us today to learn how Western Computer can provide your business with a successful ERP implementation. 


Western Computer Gives Us The Support We Need

"It’s difficult to migrate to NAV as fast as we did, especially when moving off of a legacy system from a different platform provider. Now that Western Computer has successfully deployed the solution in such a short time frame, we are learning how to keep improving workflow efficiencies over time, and the post go-live support and documentation we receive are a big help in working through issues."

- Chris McCarthy
Senior IT Business Analyst
Power Sonic