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Cloud Computing – Have It Your Way

In order to save capital for higher priority initiatives, some companies make the strategic decision to move their existing IT infrastructure systems to servers maintained and supported by a hosting company. Other companies choose the option to move their on premise software solution as well as their infrastructure to the cloud through a subscription service. At Western Computer, we can offer you choices because Microsoft Dynamics is so flexible. You can choose a hosted infrastructure, your full solution in the cloud, or a hybrid combination that fits your needs. Our experts can help you decide on the most cost-effective option for your company.

Hosting Your Infrastructure

Today’s technology means you can have all the power of Microsoft Dynamics for your business without buying your own servers and implementing them at your location – we can host your ERP solution off-site. For a consistent planned monthly fee, you’ll have access to the robust functionality, reporting and decision-making tools you need to handle the requirements of your growing business, while eliminating some of the headaches and expense of services installing and maintaining an on-site implementation.

Greater Business Agility.

A hosted model gives you the ability to respond to business demands more effectively and helps ensure employees have on-demand access to critical business information, systems, customers, partners, and each other, using nearly any device, from virtually anywhere. The result – they give priority to the most critical business tasks first.

Greater Resource Agility.

The management burden of anticipating and building out excess capacity IT ERP systems decreases. The result – less management, maintenance, and deployment time, with the additional benefit of greater scalability to more easily handle peaks in demand.

Managed Costs.

From a financial perspective, you can manage costs as a capital expense or an operational expense depending on what works best for your business.

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Azure - A Comprehensive Cloud Computing Platform from Microsoft 

Your IT resources already have the skills for Azure.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud based computing platform for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money. With integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services, any experienced developer or IT professional can use the skills they already have to successfully support Azure.

Azure means choice.

Working with Azure is not an “all or nothing” choice. Many companies run a hybrid version of Azure so they can keep selected assets right where they need them, and still take advantage of the cost savings of moving some operations to the cloud to simplify access. Azure can deliver your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system on-demand as well as must-have productivity tools like Office 365 and Dynamics CRM.

Rest assured - your data is safe.

Microsoft is committed to the protection and privacy of your data. They were the first major cloud based provider to adapt the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018. They are recognized by the European Union’s data protection authorities for their commitment to rigorous EU privacy laws.

Azure - worldwide for you.

Azure runs on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters across 19 regions—more countries and regions than Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud combined. This fast-growing global footprint gives you lots of options for running applications and ensuring great customer performance. 

“It became clear to us early on that we wanted a cloud computing based platform. We wanted to focus on our business and we knew, as we were growing and moving, we needed a platform that would grow with us, being able to work on the road, at the office and we wanted to have the continuity.”

Scott Reisenauer
Chief Operating Officer
B9 Creations

Western Computer – We can boost you to the Cloud

Rely on the experts at Western Computer to make thoughtful recommendations, provide careful planning and deliver fast execution of your cloud based computing initiative.  Contact us at for more information.

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