Implementation & Upgrades

You Are Unique

We do not approach implementations and upgrades as if they are all the same. Regardless of the level of client engagement you choose, Western Computer has a solid methodology to guide you to the finish line while making sure nothing gets overlooked.


Choices to Match Your Capabilities

Some companies have skilled resources in-house and want to take on more of the tasks than necessary to successfully implement their ERP solution. We adjust to our customer’s resource availability and do as much or as little as needed. Use us as your backup when you encounter an issue.

Other companies may want more attention and may require more services. In that case, we will do a full deployment. With over 160 professionals dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics and 500+ successful implementations under our belt, we have crafted a nimble and flexible methodology for distribution, manufacturing, and many more industries.

Your business is important, and a misstep has consequences. We do it your way. However, we are here to recommend the best course of action based on our experience. We listen carefully, answer thoughtfully, and improve your business processes. Our customers do not say “if only we could,” because we make sure they can.

Expert Project Team


Painless Upgrades

Western Computer Understands Us

“Where we were moving from legacy solutions to robust ERP and CRM platforms, it was easy to get overwhelmed, but the Western Computer team helped us overcome this by taking the time to narrow down the focus to the capabilities we needed to learn first”

- Lauri Schlopy
V&P Scientific

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Build Your Expert Project Team

We gather the best team of individuals from your staff and Western Computer to build the project team for your implementation. We have honed this highly successful process over years of managing projects for companies of every size — it is our proven methodology to ensure projects come in on time and on budget.

Here’s what your project team may look like:

Execute an on-target ERP implementation

To realize business value from your ERP system from the moment of go-live, Western Computer has created the Western Implementation Methodology. We customize the Implementation Methodology analysis, templates, programs and processes for your specific organization and industry to ensure that the implementation meets your business requirements and achieves widespread employee buy-in.

The five phases of the Implementation Methodology

Implement in days instead of months with Rapid Start Implementation

We can also help some companies take advantage of the Microsoft Rapid Start tools that already exist within the solutions as a way to speed up implementation. While Dynamics is typically quick to implement, Rapid Start allows us to cut implementation time from a few months to a few days.

Are you familiar with your Microsoft Dynamics upgrade options?

Are you looking to upgrade your Dynamics instance? Are you familiar with what options are available ? Watch this video to understand your upgrade options, including the pros and cons of each, and how to successfully move forward.  

Eliminate the Pain of Software Upgrades

Your business thrives by gaining a competitive advantage and staying current with the latest technology. It is critical to upgrade your system as technology and your business practices change. The best approach is two-fold:

  1. Choose a solution that is easy and cost-effective to upgrade
  2. Partner with a solution provider who will build and budget for regular upgrades as part of your implementation plan.

When working with Western Computer to implement a Microsoft Dynamics solution, we will listen to you about your current situation and future plans, and craft a plan to implement upgrades that will meet your needs and your budget.

Fresh Start Upgrades – Clean Up Your Data & Processes

If your company is running under a legacy and/or heavily modified Dynamics system, we provide “Fresh Start” upgrades to get you back to using the standard solution. This Fresh Start allows your company to better take advantage of the updated functionality of the latest solution, as well as any complementary add-ons that would benefit your business.

A Fresh Start Upgrade is more cost-efficient than bringing a complex environment up-to-date. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to review your business processes, clean up your data, and improve everyday operating practices.


Implementation & Follow Up Are Superior

"Western Computer exceeded our expectations on this project. We wanted to take our time and get it right, and Western helped us get there—they never wavered in stepping up to the plate, with continuous follow-up and by reacting to our needs. Without a doubt, we chose the right solution and the right partner."

- Dennis Yanowski
CRM Project Executive Sponsor
Marek Brothers Construction

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