Integrations & Custom Development

Your business is unique. One of the advantages of using the Microsoft platform is that it can be customized to meet your specific needs and integrated with a large number of business applications.

Western Computer goes beyond your software needs and adds business knowledge that helps propel companies to the next level. Our custom development and integration services provide your business with a true end-to-end, integrated solution that is built to meet your unique business needs.

Custom development – have it your way

Leverage our proven experience in customizing business applications. We have garnered a wealth of knowledge and are adept at using evolving technologies to benefit our customers. As your partner and experts in Microsoft Dynamics, our custom applications are developed quickly, integrate smoothly into your Dynamics system, and are upgradeable. We’ve also got you covered on the support side, too.

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Connect Microsoft Dynamics with any device or database

Western Computer has the proven ability to provide a gateway between Microsoft Dynamics and any device or database. This allows your employees, customers, vendors and partners to access critical data in dashboards, reports, and internal and external applications and Web portals – all totally customizable to your specific business needs.

Raise the level of your service and capabilities with integration to:

Mobile Applications

Achieve real time access to orders, inventory and customers.

E-commerce Applications

Synchronize product inventory and other pertinent information.

Employee and Customer Communication

Communicate with Microsoft Dynamics real time, as you create sales portals where your employees can access customers, orders, contacts, shipments, historical data and other stored information.

Other Business Applications

Just ask!

We Provide Integrations & Custom Development for Businesses

At Western Computer, we’re here to make sure all of your unique business technology needs are met. As time marches forward, so does technology, and companies must do everything they can to keep pace with ever-changing advancements. Our integration and custom development will provide your business with the solutions you need to keep up with the world of tomorrow.

  • Fewer IT headaches when you’re tying existing systems together
  • New possibilities for integrating systems

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a quick-to-implement and easy-to-use ERP solution that will transform your business challenges into solutions. It helps your employees make the most of their time by being adaptable and fully integrated to your systems. We can also provide you with Microsoft Dynamics NAV training to help you get the most out of your Dynamics NAV system.

E-commerce Applications

So, what’s beneficial about providing integration and custom development for e-commerce applications? Many things, actually. Using integration, we can synchronize your product inventory and other information. Synchronizing your e-commerce information will ensure that everyone is on the same page making everything easier for you and your employees.

Since most businesses use a wide variety of software and technology every day, it makes sense to make sure they’re all fully integrated. Our solutions enable integration with your existing systems while giving you the ability to use custom development for your specific needs.

Integrations and custom development can simplify your daily IT challenges. At Western Computer, we’ll help you keep up with the modern world.

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