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Technologies like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and customer relationship management (CRM) are at the core of your business operations, but managing and updating them yourself is time-consuming and burdensome. Western Computer’s Managed Support Services for Microsoft solutions relieves your team of having to manage tools including Microsoft Customer Engagement and Power BI. Our dedicated professionals build a long-term partnership with your team to proactively support these solutions. 

With our Managed Support Services experts, you’ll get committed IT service and guidance so you can focus on scaling your business—not keeping up with technology. We accurately project your support costs, limit the extent of any incidents that occur, and seamlessly keep your solutions working for you. 


What Do You Get with Managed Support Services?

Get Long-Term Support and Advocacy from a Dedicated Team of Experts 

Each member of your dedicated Managed Support Services team knows your technology environment inside and out to identify enhancement opportunities and accelerate resolutions: 

Solution Architect

Assesses your technology roadmap to recommend changes while developing one-year, three-year, and five-year plans. 

Account Coordinator

Functions as your primary point-of-contact who monitors and assures the timely completion of all deliverables.

Break/Fix Team

Responds to requests promptly according to SLA provisions, mitigates issues, and escalates to Microsoft when necessary.

By partnering with Western Computer for Managed Support Services, you free up your internal IT team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive your business success. We keep you informed of any components Microsoft is deprecating so you can adjust accordingly. If a new update breaks something in your environment, we facilitate the remediation. 

“We moved forward with Managed Support Services because it provides us with a safety blanket. Western Computer will assist us with future needs and software updates as we learn about Business Central and continue to grow. We also anticipate having Western Computer assist us with integrating Business Central with the Microsoft Office suite. This will allow our users to access ERP data while they work in Teams, Excel, and Word."

-Dawn Peck, Co-Founder of Streamline Aquatics

Lock In Your Support Costs

If you wait until software breaks to take action, your costs are unpredictable and skyrocket as you request on-demand support to apply a fix. But with Managed Support Services from Western Computer, licensing is based on a fixed, monthly per-user fee that you can scale up and down as your user base changes. In addition to locking in your monthly support costs, you receive support (up to one hour per service incident) at no additional cost for other requests such as training for new users on system features.

Reduce System Downtime

Because Western Computer provides you with a dedicated solution architect, account coordinator, and break/fix team, we identify and mitigate many system issues before they impact your environment. If problems occur, our knowledge of your environment and system expertise allow us to limit downtime and bring users back online quickly.

Enhance Your Cloud Strategy

When Microsoft issues new technology releases, your Solution Architect assesses the application updates to advise you of the impact on your environment. That expert also evaluates the value of new features to help you determine which ones to activate.

Stay Agile When Changes Occur 

As you add new lines of business, warehouses, and production lines, Western Computer helps you quickly adjust your Microsoft solutions. With this agility, you can take advantage of new opportunities while still operating efficiently and profitably.  

What’s Included in Managed Support Services: 

Bi-Annual Feature/Roadmap Advisory 

Discussion of current system desires and inadequacies and consultation on potential fixes, modifications, and system additions. 

Upgrade Management 

Analysis of upgrade changes to identify potential impacts, implementation of features, development of a features test plan, and remediating issues that occur as a result of the upgrade. 

Break/Fix Incident Support 

Technical support meeting SLA criteria for incidents that result from technologies not acting as tested and approved upon implementation. 

A Trusted Partner for All Your Business Technology Needs

Western Computer serves as your trusted partner for support, growth, and long-term strategy. Should you require help with a project or implementation that goes beyond the scope of your contract, your Account Coordinator and Solution Architect will vet your needs and get the ball rolling with Western Computer’s design and implementation resources.  

Free up Your IT Team with Cost-Efficient Expertise

Western Computer has been a leading Microsoft partner for many years. Our senior-level support and managed services team takes the burden off your IT team by leveraging our close relationship with Microsoft. With access to global expertise, we expedite upgrades, testing, tickets, answers, and resolutions. 

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