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Western Computer aims to earn and maintain the valued trust of our clients while building a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship. One that extends far beyond the initial project.

Our partnership doesn't end after the go-live. Western Computer supports you throughout the life of your ERP solution with world-class customer support. We are here to solve your support issues, whether they are large or small. You can expect prompt, reliable, and knowledgeable support from an experienced team.

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Your ERP Solution Deserves World-Class Support

At the end of a successful implementation project, you will transition from being an “Active Implementation Project” to a Western Computer Support Client. We stand behind our customers after the installation by providing ongoing support services, as well as a complete software training program. 

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Western Computer has experienced support resources that provide:

  • General how-to and operational questions
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Mission-critical support
  • Compatibility questions
  • Support of system installation issues
  • System Upgrades
  • Implementation of additional functionality
  • Training
  • Development


Do You Know the Status of Your Support Ticket?

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We have made it easy for you to report and track any issues that may come up with your solution after implementation is complete. We understand how frustrating it is when you are experiencing a problem that is getting in the way of your productivity.

We created a simple way for you to report issues, so we can resolve them quickly. Support requests to the Western Computer online support center can be logged at any time, 24/7 via the customer support web portal.

Feel confident in always knowing the status of your support ticket, along with the ability to sign up for automatic alerts to know when the status of your support ticket has changed. Our online support portal is user-friendly and provides the functionality you need to focus your attention on other tasks.

Are you an existing client? Check the status of your support ticket using our support portal. 

Western Computer Provides What We Need

"It's great having a partner like Western Computer that essentially gives us whatever support we need right
at our fingertips. They make and keep commitments, so we know exactly what to expect."

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 Support Services categories

  • Technical
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Sales

Support Priority Levels





Support Coverage

We provide our clients with a comprehensive customer support infrastructure and resources: 

  • Submit support tickets 24/7 via our online support portal
  • Track support tickets and receive automatic notifications when the status of your support ticket changes 
  • Team of dedicated support coordinators and resources
  • Customize a support package to fit your needs and budget
  • Regular support business hours are Monday - Friday 5 am PT - 8 pm ET

Technical & Application Support: 

Microsoft Dynamics Annual Software Enhancement Plan

ongoing support

The Annual Software Enhancement Plan, sometimes referred to as a software “maintenance plan,” helps you realize the long-term potential of your Microsoft Dynamics investment. The benefits you receive through the Enhancement Plan will help “grow” the value of your software asset, by providing ongoing product improvements and allowing access to future technology.

Key features of the Annual Software Enhancement Plan:

  • Upgrades, updates, product fixes and service packs
  • Regularly published product roadmaps and ongoing innovation through major version releases
  • Timely regulatory releases and hotfixes for compliance with local government laws
  • Access to Microsoft's Customer facing portal CustomerSource

Western Computer is there for us

"Whenever we need more tables, licenses, or help with complex functions, Western Computer responds right away. We can also easily escalate a support incident if necessary, with multiple ways to contact our support team."


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