Ongoing Support

We're in it for the long haul

At the successful end of the initial implementation project, you will transition from being an “Active Implementation Project” to a Western Computer Support Partner. We stand behind our customers after the installation by providing on-going hardware and software technical support, as well as a complete software training program.

Customer Account Manager

At Western Computer you will also be assigned a Customer Account Manager. This manager will be responsible for not only ensuring your day to day support is effective, but also working with your organization in a strategic manner. The Customer Account Manager will work with you to understand your company’s strategic initiatives and offer technology capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

Technical Support

Western Computer’s technical support provides:

  • General how-to and operational questions
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Mission-critical support
  • Compatibility questions
  • System installation issues
  • System upgrade
  • Implementation of additional functionality
  • Centralized responsibility for triaging issues among business partners (i.e. Hosting Provider)


Support requests to the Western Computer online support center can be logged at any time via the customer support web portal. Our close relationship with Microsoft means we know how to get rapid-fire answers and support for our customers.

Implementation of Additional Functionality to Keep you Growing

In order to continually support your business objectives, Western Computer provides our clients with a comprehensive customer support infrastructure and resources so we always know how your company is doing and what we can do to help you grow.


Microsoft Dynamics Business Ready Enhancement Plan

The Business Ready Enhancement Plan, sometimes referred to as a software “maintenance plan,” helps you realize the long-term potential of your Microsoft Dynamics investment. The benefits you receive through the Enhancement Plan will help “grow” the value of your software asset, by providing ongoing product improvements and allowing access to future technology.

Key features of the business ready enhancement plan:

  • Upgrades, updates, product fixes and service packs
  • Regularly published product roadmaps and ongoing innovation through major version releases
  • Timely regulatory releases and hot fixes for compliance with local government laws