Ongoing Support

You Deserve The Highest Level Of Support And Expertise

Choosing the right partner to support your people, your business, and your technology is one of the most important decisions you will make to protect your investments for the long term.

Western Computer goes above and beyond to support our customers with a fully staffed support team based in North America, extended hours, advanced expertise across functional areas, documented service level objectives and reports, real-time tracking, and so much more.


Are You Looking For An Enhanced Support Experience That Is Tailored, Tracked, & Transparent?

You will never feel like an afterthought with Western Computer as your support partner. For more than 30 years, we have earned a reputation for excellence based on our commitment to help every customer promptly resolve issues, and proactively prevent them.

We continuously optimize our entire support experience and infrastructure to save you time, eliminate surprise costs, and help you build confidence in your solutions.

Regular Reports
On Your Service Health

Our support and customer success teams regularly review your service health metrics to keep you informed and identify opportunities to enhance your success.

100% Achieved
Service Level Objectives

We establish service level objectives (SLOs) with you upfront so you get full transparency and accountability that our response times are meeting or exceeding your needs.

Online Self-service
Support Portal

Get 24/7/365 access to your private support portal where you can submit support requests, upload documents or screenshots, and track status in real time.

Would You Like A More Efficient, Experienced, Engaged Support Partner?

You can’t afford downtime caused by delayed response and resolution times, long support calls, and inexperienced resources. Your technology and your support partner should be enablers, and that is the priority and promise of Western Computer.

No Fixed Fees

We bill on a time and materials basis with no fixed fees so you get the most value from your support team and budget.


Our nationwide team of elite support experts have advanced experience with multiple products, versions, and applications.


Your Account Manager and Customer Success Manager can facilitate many questions and resolutions at no cost to you.


Our processes are designed to expedite escalations and critical support needs so you get to the right expert very quickly.


With expansive North American coverage, our support team is available 8 am ET – 5 pm PT.


Your feedback matters. We survey our customers to make ongoing improvements to our support services.

“The quality of the people at Western Computer is unmatched. They understand the value of dedicated, high-quality consultants with years of experience, and who communicate better than most solution providers—that’s what drives Western Computer’s success in Microsoft Dynamics deployments.”

- Pete Hagen, Project Manager, Power Sonic


Additional Advantages Of Western Computer Support

Western Computer has been a leading Microsoft partner for many years. This level of partnership is a major benefit for our customers. In addition to our own senior-level support team, we can leverage our close relationship with Microsoft for access to global expertise and to expedite tickets, answers, and resolutions.

How Do We
Support You?

Microsoft Product & 3rd Party ISV Support

Break/Fix Technical Type Issues

How-to & Operational Questions

Troubleshooting Assistance

Mission-critical Support

Compatibility Questions

Support of System Installation Issues

Implementation of Additional Functionality

And More!

Ready To Learn More About Western Computer’s World-class Support?


Microsoft Dynamics Annual Software Enhancement Plan

The Annual Software Enhancement Plan, sometimes referred to as a software “maintenance plan,” helps you realize the long-term potential of your Microsoft Dynamics investment. The benefits you receive through the Enhancement Plan will help “grow” the value of your software asset, by providing ongoing product improvements and allowing access to future technology.

Key features of the Annual Software Enhancement Plan:

  • Upgrades, updates, product fixes and service packs
  • Regularly published product roadmaps and ongoing innovation through major version releases
  • Timely regulatory releases and hotfixes for compliance with local government laws
  • Access to Microsoft's Customer facing portal CustomerSource