365ContainerImport by Western Computer

The Real-Time, Integrated Container Tracking App for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Are you ready to gain full visibility and control over your container imports and inventory?


365ContainerImport by Western Computer is a powerful tool for any company importing or transporting goods via containers. Fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central, we’ve made it easy to consolidate, track and manage your purchase orders, inventory and containers in real time—throughout the entire transit process.




Manage Every Aspect of Your Container Imports in One Place

Tracking imported goods and containers has never been more accurate or efficient. With 365ContainerImport, you can work in real time to manage inventory in transit from embarking point to final destination. Having all your information and functionality in one place within Dynamics 365 Business Central saves valuable time, reduces costs and eliminates errors.


Consolidate items across multiple purchase orders into an aggregated container for easy receiving and management.


Receive FOB items into a transition location and transfer inventory ownership while in port or on the water.


Apply item charges by volume, quantity, weight and more while in transit for accurate landed cost by item.


Track and analyze detailed status of your containers across various shipping vessels.


Track the capacity of containers, running totals of loads, and remaining capacity available.


Support both domestic and international container imports with one solution.


Enable complete traceability and visibility into inventory, containers and costs.


Eliminate redundant data entry to transfer items from port to final destination.

Plus More Advanced Features

Transport Order Cost Allocation

Assign default cost allocations to the Container Code, overriding defaults on the Transport Order prior to posting, as well as Invoice reconciliations.

Drop Shipment

Delay the creation of a Transfer Order and ship items directly to the customer from the In-transit Container location.

Final Destination Transfers

Assign a final destination to Transfer Order lines and the Transfer Receive posting will create a Transfer Order from the receiving location to the final destination location.

Lot Number Reassignment

Reassign lot number during transfer receipt.

Data Navigations

Pass data deeper in your ledgers including Item Ledger, Value Entry, G/L Entry and Reservations Entry, add ledger links on the Transport Order and transport lines to the navigate function.

Container Role Center

Empower your logistics team to view and manage the container process with queues and actions for all types of documents.

Seamless Integration with Your Solutions

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Optimize your Import Management with Western Computer

You can depend on Western Computer’s deep industry and integrations expertise to provide you with connected, consolidated and accurate container import management. Would you like to see how 365ContainerImport works for your business?