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The Unique Commission and Rebate Management App for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Are you ready to eliminate manual commission tracking and see your revenue stream in real-time?

365TradeManagement by Western Computer enables you to implement innovative commission structures that draw top sales talent to your organization. Use it to save time for your accounting team, simplify sales and purchase rebates, and automate promotion calculation. 


Why 365TradeManagement? 

365TradeManagement is the only app for Dynamics 365 Business Central that automates commissions, promotions, and sales and purchase rebates. This cloud-based solution reduces your reliance on spreadsheets and gives you the flexibility to offer more appealing commissions. Use 365TradeManagement to ensure you get rebates and pay royalties as well as calculate promotions as sales orders happen. 

With 365TradeManagement, you: 

Attract more talented sales people to your business with unique commissions structures that are easy to manage. 

Eliminate the end-of-month rebate crunch time for your accounting team.  

See your revenue stream in the moment. 

Connect with Power BI for reporting. 

Automate promotion calculation in your website to reduce post-sale headaches. 

Greatly reduce human error in all of these processes. 

365TradeManagement’s Modules Include: 

Commissions: No Structure Is Too Complex

Western Computer built 365TradeManagement with unique commissions structures in mind. As distribution businesses like yours get creative with enticing commissions, those structures get more complicated, and standard Business Central functionality doesn’t accommodate them. 365TradeManagement takes commission management out of Excel and into the cloud. You can track commissions as invoices occur and monitor them to view revenue streams in the moment. Choose when you pay, no matter how complicated the payment model.

Sales Rebates: Make Royalty Calculations Easy

Calculate any royalty by item, customer attribute, date, or other specifications. 365TradeManagement recognizes sales of your items that accrue royalties at the time of invoice and keeps track of those expenses. You save time and effort by eliminating the need to manually calculate what you owe to your vendors. You can also use 365TradeManagement to simplify payment structures in broker relationships. 

Purchase Rebates: Never Miss a Rebate Deadline Again

365TradeManagement automates rebates and handles kickback programs you’ve set up with your vendors. The solution keeps up with purchase rebates so you don’t have to manually track what you’re owed and potentially miss out on payments.

Promotions: Simplify Promo Management

Whether you offer buy-one-get-one deals or percentages off, 365TradeManagement calculates promotions on the fly as sales orders are created. Integrate the app with your website and see what the promotion amounts are in real-time to get a better picture of your profit.  

Streamline Sales-Based Accounting Processes 

365TradeManagement cuts out the human error and time-consuming manual work of calculating commissions, rebates, and promotions. 


365TradeManagement Is Backed by 35+ Years of Distribution Experience 

Western Computer has been in business as a technology partner for nearly 40 years — specializing in serving distributors. We built 365TradeManagement to address the specific needs of distributors when it comes to commissions, rebates, and promotions.  


365TradeManagement is the only app of its kind that delivers the automation and flexibility distributors need to create competitive commission structures and manage these sales accounting operations. 

Join the Distributors Already Using 365TradeManagement for a Competitive Advantage 

See how 365TradeManagement automates commissions, rebates, and promotions to simplify sales accounting and deliver better revenue visibility.