Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Provide Unified, Seamless Customer Service from any channel or device

Want to personalize your service experience at every point to delight customers?

Whether you have a dedicated customer service team, or every employee serves your customers, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Western Computer can make it faster, easier and more effective.


Wish you could manage multiple service channels in one solution? 

Would you like to accelerate service resolution and customer satisfaction?

Experience the difference of an optimized service model powered by Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Western Computer.

  • Ensure agents, supervisors and customers can work together on resolutions
  • Provide customers with convenient self-service solutions
  • Reduce the need for escalations with contextual recommendations
  • Simplify service with easy access by phone, email, web, social media or text
  • Automatically assign and route cases to the best department
  • Gain real-time visibility to improve service performance and satisfaction
  • Integrate your business applications and data for a single source of the truth
  • Enable employees to help customers anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Follow up on late shipments and quality issues
  • Provide workflows with escalation paths for unhappy customers 
  • Route cases to the appropriate department depending on subject
  • Follow up with customers through automatic surveys


Deliver consistent, accurate service with automated processes, guided agent workflows, and easy access to the most relevant resources so you can accurately resolve issues the first time.


From sales to service to support, we will unify your technology and your people. Improve your ability to connect, interact and engage customers when and where they need you.


With a 360-degree view of the customer, you empower employees to create a personalized experience from end-to-end. This is what customers want, and what keeps them coming back to you.

Wow Your Customers. Beat Your Competition. 

In today’s digital age, companies who can’t provide a modern and personalized service experience will fall behind their competitors. Dynamics 365 Customer Service eliminates the bottlenecks and barriers holding you back so you can achieve your goals faster than you imagined.

Advanced Features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Omni-Channel Service

Enhance your service experience by enabling customers to initiate a service request on the channel of their choice.

Customer Self-Service

Put the power in your customers’ hands to access service and support anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Empowered Agents

Support your agents with the real-time data and automated tools they need to provide fast, accurate resolutions.

Centralized Data

Provide agents and customers with updated, relevant resources to get the answers they need on the spot.

Real-Time Insights

Capture and analyze meaningful data in real time to identify trends, improve performance and evolve your service model.

Business Intelligence

Leverage Power BI to consolidate and analyze your data across the organization so you can make more strategic decisions.

Cross-Company Collaboration

Solve issues as a team through integrated tools like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, SharePoint and more.


Scalable Service

We can customize and enhance your service functionality through hundreds of prebuilt applications on AppSource.

Connect Your Entire Business With Dynamics 365

From ERP to CRM to BI and beyond, the innovation behind Dynamics 365 is its unmatched flexibility and scalability. That means Western Computer experts can build a completely integrated cloud or on-premise solution to fit your business and budget. What functionality do you need?

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Why Choose Western Computer as Your Dynamics 365 Partner? 


We’ve spent more than 30 years helping companies of all sizes solve their biggest customer service challenges. With proven industry expertise and decades of experience backing you up, you can depend on us to assess your needs and architect the best solutions for a successful future.


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