Power Platform

Empower Every Employee To Build Business Solutions

The Microsoft Power Platform combines 4 robust applications—Power BIPower AppsPower Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), and Power Virtual Agents—into a centralized platform making it easier than ever to connect your data, build applications, unify your people and streamline your business.

No coding required!

Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM) is a secure repository of prebuilt and extensible entities you can use to standardize and leverage your own data across Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure and external applications.


Want to optimize operations from end-to-end?

Ready to transform your data into a competitive advantage?

Want to do it all with no custom coding, integrations or development costs?


The Microsoft Power Platform gives even non-technical employees the tools to: 

  • Consolidate and connect data across applications
  • Create powerful insights, apps, and automations
  • Utilize templates to create custom integrations
  • Automate manual business processes
  • Build intelligent chatbots connected to back-end systems
  • Save the company time and money on development

Integrate and visualize
any data, any way, anywhere


Build intelligent apps to
drive your business


Automate your processes and
workflows across applications


Build no-code websites quickly and easily


Centralize and standardize your data
across applications and sources

Powerful Alone. Revolutionary Together.

Visualized Insight

Power BI is a widely used business intelligence application that centralizes your data from multiple sources (on-premises and cloud) and presents it through elegant, visualized dashboards.

  • Share and embed Power BI visuals
  • Explore and analyze your data in different ways
  • See your business at a glance, on one screen
  • Bring your data and apps to life
  • Deliver tailored and engaging reports

Tailored Functionality

PowerApps enables any user without technical experience to build custom internal business applications and solutions with no coding whatsoever. Use your own data to build new apps from scratch or enhance and extend your existing apps.

  • Intuitive point-and-click app design
  • Connect hundreds of data sources quickly with pre-built templates and connectors
  • Create sophisticated apps to solve complex business problems
  • Optimize manual, outdated business processes
  • Publish your apps to the web, iOS, Android and Windows 10

(formerly Microsoft Flow)
Automated Processes

Power Automate lets you create automated and streamlined workflows across applications and services. You can set up any number of custom flows very easily with no coding required.

  • Help workers do more in less time
  • Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks
  • Create multi-step flows in a few clicks
  • Accelerate customer service and engagement across multiple communications channels
  • Set up notifications and alerts, synchronize files, capture data, automate approvals and much more—in minutes

Fast, no-code websites

Power Pages enables anyone on your team to create professional websites with no prior coding experience—in record time. Anyone can author web pages and achieve impressive web development with this easy-to-use solution. Use Power Pages to:

  • Style your website according to your vision with drag-and-drop design functionality for videos, images, forms, and more.
  • Leverage templates to get started quickly while customizing your website to engage with your specific industry.
  • Employ Microsoft Copilot to navigate Power Pages, get ideas for copy, and easily customize code.
  • Add capabilities, edit page code, and streamline deployments with advanced development tools if needed.
  • Rest assured your properties and data stay secure.


In a recent study by Forrester, commissioned by Microsoft, the impact Power Apps and Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) have on business costs, efficiency and ROI is undeniable.

  • 362% Increased ROI
  • 70% Reduced Development Costs
  • 15% Increased Business Process Efficiencies


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