Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX & NAV

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CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, & NAV

Can you instantly generate accurate quotes to customers with real-time access to inventory and pricing?

Imagine sitting with your customer and visually being able to configure any product, system or solution to their specs, validate it, quote it and order it—in minutes, on the spot. All of your order calculations, details, and documents are attached and ready for immediate production. You can track and analyze metrics, projects and costs within Microsoft Dynamics. Orders are completed accurately and efficiently, making everyone happy. 

Can you provide a seamless, collaborative quoting experience for customers and your team? 

Need streamlined, simplified, and fast quoting? Sell complex products across multiple channels? Tired of costly mistakes, waste and missed deadlines? Need to connect disparate systems, departments, and data? Want an easy way to differentiate your company?

With our integrated Microsoft Dynamics configurator, you simply launch the configurator via the portal, your website, any browsers or in Dynamics and start configuring anything, anytime, anywhere. It's really that simple to optimize your entire quote to production process. 

The best part is that it doesn’t require special 3rd party add-ons or a bunch of manual processes to give you real-time, connected data across your organization.

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KEY BENEFITS of CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, & NAV

  • Fast, easy quotes
  • Increased profit margin
  • Happy customers
  • Guided selling
  • Real-time information
  • Automated workflows
  • Deep analytics
  • Reduced errors
  • Improved transparency
  • More upsell opportunities
  • Multi-line configuration and quoting
  • Omnichannel, eCommerce configuration
  • Leverage metadata from Dynamics
  • Quote across functional areas


Could you benefit from improved transparency? Can you support one-click validation and ordering? 

Our Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics simplifies the ability to optimize and connect complicated processes—starting with the initial design phase all the way through sales, production, delivery and even after the sale. Any industry can benefit from the advantages, but there are a couple of industries where it can be a total game changer.



If there’s one industry that has no room for error, it’s heavy equipment manufacturing. Disconnected ETO software or Make-to-Order software causes unnecessary frustration and delays. With so many variables and strict customer specifications, you need to ensure every order is built, ordered and manufactured with 100% confidence and accuracy.

Here’s how our product configurator for heavy equipment manufacturers will transform your operations:

Connect Your Teams and Data

Reduce Errors, Improve Accuracy

Standardize Custom Offerings

Automate Complex Calculations

Quote to Production

Within Minutes

Connect your design, engineering and sales teams, data and processes for a 360-degree project and customer view.

Trade disparate systems, siloed data and outdated spreadsheets for up-to-date information in one centralized location.

Design, build and quote even highly customized solutions with no risk of configuring something production can’t do.

Save time with a product configurator that can calculate everything for you, including specialized variables—in real time.

All production information—BOMs, routings, etc.—is instantly pushed to the Dynamics order. Production can start literally in minutes!



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Product and Item Configuration

In-Store Configuration

Online Configuration

Project Configuration


Document Generation

Subscription Pricing

Agreement and Contract Creation


Self-Service Portal

Product Orders

Service Orders

Spare Parts

Item Management

Service Contracts

Business Process Automation

e-Commerce Integration

Guided Selling

Product Selector

Labels and Packaging


At Western Computer, we understand how the quoting process can make or break your profit margins, particularly for heavy equipment manufacturers and construction companies. That’s why we’re so excited to offer the only integrated CPQ tool dedicated solely to our Microsoft Dynamics customers. Instead of paying for costly customizations, you get an all-in-one quoting solution embedded right into Dynamics ERP and CRM. Contact us today to ask any questions, get more information or schedule a personal demonstration.