Total Cost of Ownership

Are you trying to determine your total cost of ownership? 

When determining whether the cloud is the right deployment approach, many prospects ask about the total cost of ownership. One of the most cited advantages of cloud computing is the cost savings that can result from minimizing your onsite hardware investment and the resources required to maintain it. While the savings can be significant up front, over time cloud computing can be just as costly as on-prem deployments that have a substantial implementation cost. With on-premise deployments, you need to keep in mind several factors in addition to the software; IT infrastructure, ongoing maintenance, support, and periodic upgrades. 

Are you trying to determine which deployment method is right for your business? Would you like to compare the cost of an on-prem ERP solution vs. cloud deployment? Would you like to compare the cost of ownership over 3, 7, and 10 years to determine the best approach for your company?

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As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold ERP Partner, Western Computer has designed and implemented ERP solutions—both on-premise and in the cloud—for customers in several industries including Distribution, eCommerce Retail, Manufacturing, Home Building, and Equipment Rentals. Microsoft Dynamics solutions offer flexible licensing and deployment options that can be tailored to your IT strategy and comfort. 


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Do what is best for your company. Western Computer can help you define the architecture and identify the ERP solution that best fits your business needs and your IT strategy. As Dynamics experts, Western Computer can help you design, deploy, and then support the solution of your choice. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, we’ll ensure that your ERP solution delivers maximum value now and in the future.