Your Distribution Business Depends on 360 Degree Visibility 

You need visibility so you can determine stock levels, drive supply planning, and proactively source, sell and analyze your inventory to improve your bottom line. Microsoft Dynamics is an agile, flexible distribution system that allows you to achieve visibility, reduce risk and react quickly to changes.

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  • 360° Visibility
    Run as lean as possible with 360-degree visibility across the supply chain
  • Trade Management
    Solve your biggest headaches with trade management
  • State-of-the-Art Shipping
    Achieve peak efficiency from supplier to warehouse to customer with state-of-the-art shipping
The Complete Guide to Selling Products on Amazon        


The Complete Guide to Selling Products on Amazon
for Microsoft Dynamics Customers

If you use Microsoft Dynamics to run your business and process customer orders, you can quickly expand your sales channel by listing your products on Amazon. 

Amazon offers a range of business relationships for fulfilling customer orders, giving you the flexibility to use the one that best suits your business model. These include Amazon Seller Central Fulfilled by Merchant, Amazon Seller Central Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment (MCF), and Amazon Vendor Central.

In this white paper, Greg Williams, Western Computer's Dynamics Practice Manager, will focus on these methods and how each method can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics.


Learn How Microsoft Dynamics Enhances Operations for Distributors

“Having a ‘single source of truth’ is a huge advantage. We’re no longer relying on so many disparate systems. Everyone in the company is looking at the same data sets.
That’s one of the biggest benefits.”

Erol Fikri
Director Supply Chain and Logistics


Learn how Displays2go automated their order processing speed's order-to-ship cycle by 40%. 
Read the full Customer Success Story. 

14 Questions Distribution Company CFOs Must Ask When Evaluating Cloud ERP

Successful distributors have visibility across the supply chain to optimize inventory, meet customer demands & respond faster to exceptions. Do you have the insight needed to drive profits?

Not all ERP is the same. Learn how to choose the ERP solution that will support unique distribution operations and remain aligned with your business for years to come. Don’t make a decision about ERP without asking these 14 critical questions! 


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14 Questions Cover


Western Computer Understands Your Distribution Needs

We understand the problems wholesale distributors face. Customers demand premium service but don’t want to pay premium prices. Suppliers are increasing costs. Disconnected silos of information cost you time and money and don’t answer your critical business and distribution questions. Western Computer has created the following solutions specifically for the distribution industry to give you complete insight: 


Shipping Icon

Deliver Goods When and Where Your Customer Needs Them – Every Time

Achieve great customer service by delivering goods when and where your customers need them. Western Computer offers DynamicsShip, a robust shipping solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that sets the bar high.  It provides powerful tracking, cost reporting, labeling, and compliance functionality.  Leverage leading-edge technology to achieve peak distribution efficiency from your supplier to your warehouse to your customer. Learn more.

Container Transport

Transport Icon

Track Container Shipments from End-to-End

For importers, Western Computer designed a Container Transport System for a simple, accurate, real-time picture of your in-transit inventory. This powerful distribution enhancement provides a clear representation of your inventory that is still being transported from an embarking point to a destination point. Learn more.

Trade Management

Trade Icon

Boost Distribution Margins with Trade Management Software

Every distributor faces challenges regarding pricing, commissions, royalties & rebates, and promotions. Western Computer has solved these problems by developing Trade Management software that allows distributors to:

  • Track the ROI of promotions and campaigns
  • Generate financial statements that reflect your future liabilities
  • Get a real-time picture of your in-transit inventory

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Are you able to track goods that you transport in containers?

The Container Transport System by Western Computer is an enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that allows you to track goods that you import or transport via containers.  This Container Module provides an easy, accurate, real-time representation of your inventory that is still being transported from an embarking point to a destination point.

Western Computer has helped hundreds of distributors connect their core business systems to be more competitive with supply chain management. We modernize distribution processes with award-winning Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions. We know the distribution industry. We know you have to run as lean as possible to remain competitive, and we know how to get you there.