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Build Rapid Business Solutions With Microsoft Power Apps

In a world that changes quickly, your business needs the agility to overcome challenges and pursue new opportunities. Microsoft Power Apps enables your organization to build custom no-code or low-code applications to optimize and automate unique business processes.

Wish employees could create the custom functionality they need without hiring a developer?

With drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-built templates, and easy deployment across multiple operating systems, Power Apps gives normal users (with no coding experience) the ability to create powerful, elegant solutions for complicated business challenges.


Want to improve business processes with fully integrated custom applications?

Ready to empower your team to build their own modern solutions?

Need to accelerate technology development and implementation?

Intuitive Design

Straightforward creation and deployment

Power Apps enables you to start building no-code or low-code apps for business processes and challenges ranging from simple to complex. Empower your entire team to become part of the solution-building process.

  • Gather and integrate key business data
  • Include pre-built AI components
  • Make continuous improvements
  • Easily publish apps to iOS, Android, Windows 10, and the web

Elegant Integrations

Connect seamlessly with other business tools

Use over 200 pre-built connectors or create custom connectors to integrate your application with the rest of your business systems and processes.

  • Integrate with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft or third-party solutions
  • Connect to web services like UPS, USPS, Twitter, and more
  • Fully embed apps in common interfaces
  • Automate processes across multiple tools and apps by combining Power Apps with Power Platform

Professional Extensibility

Extend and expand your apps

Power Apps is designed to make it easy for ordinary users to quickly build powerful apps, but the platform also allows extension and additional customization of these apps by professional developers like Western Computer.

  • Use Microsoft’s Common Data Service to easily access, develop, and extend the application
  • Access pre-built data connectors and/or create custom data connectors
  • Apply business logic unique to your processes
  • Work with and retrieve metadata

With Power Apps, Anyone Can Build New Business Tools

Imagine opening the world of app development to anyone in your organization, allowing the subject matter experts themselves to design their own technology tools in a fraction of the time.


When you’re beginning the app creation process, Power Apps offers three different foundations to choose from:

  • Canvas apps use a drag-and-drop building process, with hundreds of available data connectors
  • Model-driven apps are built up around core business data, creating the interface based on the information
  • Secure self-service portals can be built for customers, employees, or partners


For common business processes, start with a pre-built app template and customize it to suit your exact needs. Templates include tools for processes such as:

  • Case management
  • Inventory management
  • Budget and expense tracking
  • Quote calculations
  • Event registrations
  • And much more!

Do More In Less Time With Western Computer
& The Microsoft Power Platform

Western Computer has over 30 years of experience helping businesses meet long-term goals with Microsoft business solutions. Our passion for helping our customers be self-sufficient is one reason we are so excited about Power Apps. Its approach to simplified app creation can help empower businesses like never before.

Whether your organization wants to build an app for a simple task or a complex problem, our experts are here to help you understand the full range of possibilities for building the perfect solution. The potential for custom apps is endless – from collecting guest signatures in a lobby to supporting remote workers to customizing site inspections and tracking feedback.

Power Apps is just one of the tools available in Microsoft Power Platform, a set of applications that work together to help your business build end-to-end solutions without writing a single line of code.

How can we help you modernize, automate, and accelerate your business?



Power Automate

Use connectors to create custom workflows and automate daily processes, achieving a new level of efficiency and insight.


Power BI

Use custom dashboards and powerful analytics to provide employees with real-time, role-specific insight.


Power Virtual Agents

Design intelligent, no-code chatbots to answer common questions, trigger processes or respond to requests.


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