Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Manage, Plan & Deliver Profitable Projects

Ready for a seamless, integrated project management solution?

For project-driven businesses to compete, you’ve got to ensure every project makes money while keeping customers happy and engaged. Getting there today means trading manual processes and disconnected data for a fully optimized and integrated solution.

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Wish You Could Make More From Your Projects With Less Work?

Can your customers and employees work together at any time, from anywhere, on any device?

Drive productivity, performance and profit with Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation.

  • Get real-time, visual and consolidated insight into every aspect of your projects
  • Keep your projects and your people on track for on-time, on-budget delivery
  • Schedule the right resources to the right project at the right time
  • Proactively forecast each project to ensure predictable, profitable outcomes
  • Automate project accounting from quotes to contracts to billing
  • Empower internal and external project teams to collaborate on multiple channels
  • Easily record and approve time and expenses, allocated to the correct project
  • Enjoy cloud-based, mobile access anywhere in the world
  • Tailor your solution with integrated applications designed to work together


Built-in workflows and automations, with the exciting ability to create your own internal applications, will accelerate project delivery and improve profitability.


Proactively track, plan and adjust every aspect of your projects. From resources to expenses to delays, know where you stand and how to confidently achieve your goals.


Secure your future with an integrated solution and experienced partner that can help you get more from your projects and the fastest return on your investment.

Want To Stay Ahead Of Your Projects And Your Competition?

Be the company to beat with the ability to manage, track and plan your projects for optimal performance. No matter how unique or complex your projects are, Western Computer can deliver a solution that fits your business.

Omni-channel Project Management

Enable employees and customers to collaborate on any channel so they stay informed, engaged and unified.

Planning & Forecasting

Make proactive decisions and plans so you never have to wait until the end of the project to find out what happened.

Real-time Project Visibility

Consolidate all your project data from multiple sources so you can drill down into the KPIs that matter to each role.

Resource Scheduling

Anticipate your resource needs to sustain high utilization rates, then impress customers with multi-channel notifications.

Automated Workflows

We can create automated, guided, role-specific workflows so employees get more work done in a fraction of the time.

Time & Expense Management

Easily record time and expenses on the go, automate approvals and link costs to the right project every time.

Cross-project Connection

Prioritize projects, allocate inventory and expenses, and coordinate resources across multiple projects.

Scalable Platform

Easily extend your functionality and tailor your solution with project-related applications built to integrate with D365.

Create A Connected Business Management Platform
Powered By Dynamics 365

Your projects are critical, but that’s only one area driving your business. The innovation behind Dynamics 365 is the flexibility to create a customized, all-in-one business solution. Get the applications and functionality you need today, and easily add and extend as you grow. Need robust financial management? Want to connect sales and field services to your projects? Looking for project management tailored to your industry? We can do that.

Why Choose Western Computer As Your Dynamics 365 Partner?

Technology alone can’t transform your projects into profit. Western Computer goes beyond automating your projects. Our industry experts empower you to make measurable, long-term improvements across your organization. We bring more than 30 years of experience, industry expertise and proven results to your business on day one.

How can optimize your projects and your business?


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